Take your time…no need to rush through Friday Mud

January 14, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Sometime in mid-afternoon this past Tuesday, I started thinking ahead to this edition of “Friday Mud”.


I was a little worried.  My mind has been elsewhere this week, what with the Ravens having to visit Heinz Field this Saturday for a loser-heads-to-the-first-tee-and-a-long-vacation showdown with those rat finks in Black and Gold.

Tuesday night, I had NOTHING in my “Friday Mud” file.  I was concerned, wondering if maybe I’d have to put FM on the shelf for a week while I attended to more pressing matters like pacing the floor worrying about the Ravens/Steelers game.

Alas, those concerns were brief.

Friday Mud, is, indeed, present and accounted for, the way I expect the Ravens to show up in Pittsburgh on Saturday and make a fair statement about their ability to play the game of football.

I think you’ll like it.  Friday Mud hardly ever lets you down.

Just like the Ravens, I’d say.

They’re pretty reliable too.


> I spent many a night in a car or a tent at the old Capital Centre, waiting in line to see, among others, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, AC/DC and Journey.  Spending the night outside because you so desperately wanted great seats to see your favorite band was a rite of passage for anyone growing up in these parts in the 1970’s and ’80’s.  I didn’t know this (mostly because the team doesn’t send out press releases to WNST anymore), but the Orioles evidently put FanFest tickets on sale last Saturday morning and people actually camped out in order to make sure they got their tickets.  Don’t believe me?  Well, lucky for you our WNST staff photographer was down at the Convention Center late Friday night to snap THIS PHOTO of the gathering. I hope no one got left out.

> Upon meeting his untimely demise, a man faced his judgement day and St. Peter said, “Where did you attend college, sir?” The man remarked, “Well, I have to admit to you that I never once set foot in a college.”  St. Peter replied, “I regret to inform you that you’ll need to attend college for at least one year in Hell before we’ll allow you here, in Heaven.”  The man replied, “That seems reasonable…do they have a great college in Hell for me to attend?”  St. Peter pulled a photo out of his pocket.  “Of course they do, sir…in fact, HERE’S A PICTURE of the campus right here.”

> New Orioles relief pitcher Kevin Gregg is also a well known self-portrait artist who spends a lot of time chronicling his day-to-day life with quick drawings of himself.  As he waited in The Warehouse last week to sign his Orioles contract, he grabbed his art materials and PRODUCED THIS to show what he was thinking at the time.

> You can file THIS PHOTO under the “politely shaking hands after a loss is so 1990’s” department.  It’s OK to squirm in your seat guys.  Now…back to work.

> You know, maybe I gave Jenn Sterger a bad rap.  All winter long, I took shots at her on the air and here in FM.  I decided to give her one more chance. And in order to do that, I figured it like this:  “Let me find the woman in the industry who is widely known as “the best” and see how Jenn matches up to her.  Let me find some evidence of how they conducted themselves on the job and form my opinion accordingly.”  That, to me, was the fairest way to judge Jenn Sterger.  So you can take a look at these three pictures first — PIC #1,  PIC #2,   PIC #3.  And then take a look at these three pictures of Jenn — PIC #4,  PIC #5, PIC #6.  OK, maybe I should have come up with a better way to figure out who was the professional and who was the jock sniffer.

> New Orioles 3rd baseman Mark Reynolds recently did THIS INTERVIEW with an Arizona radio station.  It’s pretty good, actually, right up until the host asks him about “the greatest 3rd baseman in the history of the game” who played in Baltimore…Reynolds had no idea who it is (was), so he just guessed “Mike Schmidt”.  He shouldn’t be too embarrassed.  We have certain media members in this town who either talk or write about sports and Orioles baseball every single day who would have guessed the same thing.

> So, God was approached about the concept of making a “special child”.  “God, please consider this,” said St. Anthony. “Please consider making a man…in body and soul…but as dainty and soft as a rose petal…as light and airy as a cloud…as feminine as the most gentle woman could ever be.  Please make this man an athlete too, so that we might test his femininity and fragility against the toughest men in the world.”  God nodded in agreement.  “I will do just that,” he said.  “And I will give this man a beautiful smile…and make him appear as tough as a nail being driven into a board…but I’ll make him the softest, most delicate human being I can.  He will be so soft, that many people will mistake him for a woman.”  About 3 days later, THIS MAN was born and God indeed had fulfilled his promise.

> Our WNST staff photographer recently took a trip to New Zealand and caught THIS FINE PERSON playing some kind of sport.  I think she’s playing cricket, but I’m not sure…I didn’t read the story that accompanied the photo.  So even though I’m not 100% sure what she’s doing, I’ll say this:  Any athletic endeavor that requires the women to wear knee-pads seems just fine to me.

> I put on the Groucho Marx fake nose and mustache last week and made my way up to the Orioles executive offices.  The secretary greeted me and I said, “I have a 1pm meeting with Andy MacPhail.”  She said, “Oh, great…walk through this door right here and make a left and his office is there.”  I walked through the door.  “Make a left!” she yelled.  “Go left, sir!”  “His office is to the left…can’t you see the sign up above your head?”  Sure enough, THIS SIGN was right there the whole time. Left, indeed.

> I’m heading up to Philadelphia on Tuesday night to watch the Capitals and Flyers.  A friend of mine scored us a couple of skybox tickets, so we won’t have to sit down in the arena with the rest of the great unwashed, but I do have to take part in a tradition of sorts in Philly.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  Apparently when someone invites you into their skybox, you’re responsible for bringing some kind of food or drink to share with the other 10 guests.  Not knowing what kind of wine anyone prefers, I figure I’ll just give the female Flyers fans THIS SNACK for their enjoyment.

> It’s so hard to pick song #6 of my all-time best CD, because I’d really like to put 3-4 songs from RUSH on it.  But if I’m going to be true to my word and only put 16 tunes on it, I need to keep it to one RUSH song, I suppose.  And THIS SONG is, by far, one of the greatest pieces of music ever.  These dudes put out 40 GREAT songs, but this one tops my list.  True story:  I almost had my wife ready to sign off on calling our son “Geddy”.  For a moment, I thought I was going to pull it off.  But we settled on Ethan.  She’s not a big RUSH fan, obviously.

> Someone from 105.7 who is a fan of Friday Mud sent me THIS PICTURE yesterday and in the subject line of the e-mail, it read: “Lay-Up”.  I’ll say.  You can caption this one.  I’m leaving it alone.