Tankard Night Apropos for O’s September

October 03, 2009 | Tom Federline

All together now………..come on we can say it………..They Tanked It! Another September of futility and embarrassment. I’m sick of it and it pains me to write this blog. But with Tankard Night tonight and what just happened in September, it was setup to nice. 6 wins – 20 losses is NOT, “tough luck”, “balls just didn’t fly our way”,  “we have to see what the young kids can do”, and now wait for it…………….”we’re developing a winning team for the future”. Gang, you know it, I know it, 90% of the Oriole fans around town know it……….The Orioles “Tanked It”, the month of September.

Hey, think of it this way, the Orioles upper management and PR department got something right. “Let’s give out Tankards at the end of the year, to celebrate our annual “Tank” in September”! Thank you Peter Angelos and Dave Trembley for promoting and instilling in our young talent the “I Don’t Care Anymore” attitude (Phil Collins). I wonder if the Orioles players, coaches and upper management get special gold plated tankards or maybe they get…… pewter…….. steins. I am sick to my stomach.

Warning – here comes old school – Back in the day, (70’s – early 80’s), I would not miss a Tankard Night. It wasn’t just to add to my collection (which I still have), or to make sure throughout the evening that none of us saw the bottom of the tankard…….It was an event, a night out, it was a reason to reunite with friends. The Orioles were good and even if they weren’t, Tankard Night was in July/August, the nutball Oriole fans that we are, at least believed they had a chance. 12 years in a row of losing – I am getting sicker.

Go, Oriole Fans, Go! Go get that tankard tonight and toast high in the air. Turn to the owners box, turn to the dugout and especially the bullpen and toast to the “September Tank”!  6 – 20, 13 losses in a row, heck the Nationals were 9 -17. This was more humiliating than the Redskins losing to Detroit. Now, I’m going to heave.

Positive Oriole blogs will be posted. They may have a good October, I went last night. But for now, it ain’t good ,especially with the contract extension of…of….Dav….Trem….I can’t even say his name. 98 loses and Andy MayPhail, considers that a leader? Tank it up tonight Baltimore, they done did it to us again.