Tejada: “It’s not the manager or the hitting coach, it’s us”

May 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

There was an interesting mini-tirade after today’s loss in Toronto, where Miguel Tejada bristled at a post-game question about rumors of the manager being in trouble.

Tejada – who has been outstanding defensively but less than productive at the plate – spoke in an agitated tone and defended both Dave Trembley and Terry Crowley.

“We come in here and hear that kind of stuff about the manager and the hitting coach,” said Miggy.  “It’s not them.  It’s us.  We’re making the money, we’re playing the game.  We’re not getting the job done.  It has nothing to do with who is the manager or who is the hitting coach.  We have to step up as players and do it for ourselves and we’re not doing it.  There’s nothing to blame on the manager or the hitting coach.  We know what we are supposed to do and we’re not doing it.”

While it’s always interesting to hear or read a player semi-blame themselves, I’d much rather just have the players improve their performance and we wouldn’t have to do all this fretting and worrying about the manager’s job.

Tejada’s comments, by the way, do have some merit.

If nothing else this weekend, the 3-game drubbing at the hands of the Blue Jays was pretty much accomplished W.T.I, which stands for: Without Trembley Interference.  Yes, he yanked Berken on Saturday and put Alberto Castillo in the game…and he promptly gave up a 2-run dinger to put the thing out of reach.  But like Tejada mentioned, at some point these guys have to earn their paycheck(s).

On the whole, though, the weekend sweep in Toronto fully magnified the Orioles most IMPORTANT deficiency, and it’s NOT the manager for sure.  Their biggest problem is very, very evident.  They can’t drive in runs.  They have no power.  When they have runners on 1st and 3rd with 0 outs, for example, it’s about a 95.3% chance they’re scoring a grand total of ONE run.  Time and time again, trailing by a run or two, they get two runners on base and come away with nothing.

Last Thursday night when they gagged away a 5-2 lead in the 8th inning, the Birds put runners on first and second with one out in the 9th inning, trailing the A’s 7-5.  After Adam Jones popped out (in case you’re NOT doing the math, a home run there wins the game), Garrett Atkins was due up.  Trembley looked down the bench and here’s what he saw.  Craig Tatum was available to pinch hit.  Right…who’s next?  Scott Moore was on the bench until about two minutes before when he was inserted as a pinch runner.  And Luke Scott was in the dugout, but unavailable due to some kind of minor shoulder injury.  Atkins, of course, struck out to end the game.  The only guy who was available?  Craig Tatum.  Now, in all fairness, the O’s were shorthanded by one player that night because Nick Markakis missed the game due to the birth of his child, but you get the picture: Trembley – like him or not – doesn’t have a lot to work with these days.

It was good to hear Tejada say that today.  At least one guy in the locker room gets it for sure.

The players aren’t doing their job very well this season.

And sometime soon, I assume, Dave Trembley will pay the ultimate price for their woeful ways.