The Adam Jones signing: Let’s hope the Orioles don’t screw it up now that it’s done

May 29, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Rarely, if ever, does someone who “settles” for $85.5 million get lauded for his or her good deed.

But Baltimore owes Adam Jones a major-league “thank you”.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking.  “Are you on dope, Drew?  This guy with one REALLY good season under his belt just cashed in for almost $90 million and we’re supposed to be thankful that he chose us?”


Adam Jones signed away his one big opportunity to break the bank when he re-signed with the Orioles for the next six years.  Might not mean much to you.  But in the grand scheme of things, it means a lot.

Jones could have done what literally just about any other player would have done had he been faced with a similar situation: He could have bolted for more money, a better team, and an increased chance to win.  Two of his teammates – Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts – did the same thing three years ago but they were both home-grown talent.  It made sense for both to stick it out with the team that drafted them.  Jones, at 26, is more “worldly” than each of those two were in 2009, mainly because he’s been in the big leagues for seven seasons.  He understands the situation all too well.  You usually get one chance in your career – if you’re good enough – to back up the Brinks truck and make a killing at the cash window.  By staying in Baltimore, Adam Jones told the Brinks truck folks to stay away.

By choosing to stay in Baltimore, Jones gives the Orioles a legitimate chance to improve and, perhaps, contend over the next handful of seasons.  Of course, they’ll need better players to do that, so the hometown nine can’t sit on their hands now and say, “What more do you people want?  We signed Adam Jones (way) back in 2012.”  And don’t let the Jones deal guide you into thinking the Orioles have suddenly changed their penny-pinching ways.  GM Dan Duquette already pre-paved another winter without a marquee free agent when, during the Jones press conference on Sunday, he basically said he “doesn’t believe in” signing free agents as a way of making the team better.

But we’ll table the Orioles’ obligation to improve the team in the off-season and just revel for another moment or two in their decision to sign Jones.

It was the right thing to do at the right time.  And, honestly, that’s not something the Orioles have been known for over the last decade.

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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    If you are not going to help Jones, Wieters, Markakis with aquiring better players in the future thru free agents, then this was a useless signing. Our farm system is not that great to fill our needs. Losing 6 out of 8 are they coming back to were we thought they would be, just thinking out loud.

  2. Reality from Eutaw Street Says:

    It all makes sense now, upon further investigation. In a few days, Peter Angelos… through his cash cow MASN… is going to be forced in to a substantial increase in payments to the Nationals for their TV rights. At the same time, it will trigger an automatic increase in revenue to his red-headed stepchild… the Orioles.

    What better way to make yourself look like the hero, and float a positive P.R. piece by the fanbase… a week ahead of time, “COMMIT BIG MONEY” to your most notable young star.

    Fact is, the Orioles are going to be forced in to spending more money on payroll… so why not do damage control now, before people start asking why those 10s of millions of extra money (that MASN was already making) wasn’t already being spent on players…

  3. BmoreBobRob Says:

    The organization has made some decent moves lately with the Jones signing, the Bundy draft, the Machado draft and they still have a top 5 pick this year. Wieters will be harder to sign since Boros represents him. I am feeling optimistic about the organization for the first time in about 15 years. Of course, we’ve been down this road before-just like Ridgemont High, the Moon, the book about coaches and leadership, the status of Baltimore sports media and You Pon. All came and left like a fart in a high wind. (DF: Let it be known that I passed on the obvious lay-up you handed me — something like, “I wish you’d come and go like a far in a high wind.” Alas, I passed on that chance.)

  4. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    There’s a refrain from an old song that goes, “Will you love me in December as you did in May…..” Time will tell about the Jones signing and the direction of this team and it’s management’s attitude. That this team is winning this year with what, arguably, is a patch-work lineup with no legitimate 3rd baseman, 1st baseman or LF has left everyone in awe. However, chinks in the armor have started to show in recent games, so one has to hope that “awe” doesn’t become…..”aw”, as the long season progresses…….

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    We need some starting pitchers who can go 7 with a 3 ERA.

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