The guessing game…

April 26, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Just got home from the ballpark…left just as Tejada hit his dinger to tie it up.  Then listened on the radio driving up I-95 as Cabrera created a mess with a couple of walks and it’s now 4-1 Boston.

Still, even if he’s the loser tonight, Daniel Cabrera has developed into a heckuva young pitcher.  You can’t win many games on the mound when your club provides you with 3 hits and 1 run in 6 innings. 

Now…the guessing game.  I like doing this when I’m in the ballpark because it really gives me a chance to scan the entire stadium…TV rarely allows for that advantage.

My guess as to how many actual bodies are in the ballpark this evening:  25,500

My guess on what the announced attendance will be:  31,393.

My guess on what percentage of people in the park are Red Sox fans:  64.8%

My guess on how many Baltimore fans are sickened by Boston fans taking over the ballpark tonight:  100%

It IS, seriously, like a home game for the Red Sox.  Shameful.

Gonna catch the last 20 minutes of American Idol and watch the imminent dismissal of Phil Stacey.

Then it’s bedtime.  And in 8.5 hours, I’ll be talking to you again.  Good night…