The Malady Lingers On: Orioles lose 7th straight, 9-1 at New York

June 02, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Umpire Jim Joyce had a bad night, costing Armando Galarraga a perfect game in Detroit, but at least he apologized for blowing the final out of the game.

Where’s Brad Bergesen’s apology?

His night was worse than Joyce’s, for sure.

Bergesen got smoked for six earned runs in 2.1 innings and the O’s bats once again failed to produce in key situations, as the Yankees put up a 9-1 win in game two of the 3-game series at Yankee Stadium.

Perhaps the only thing worse than Bergy’s effort was the 3-hour apologizing session on the MASN broadcast authored by ex-Oriole Brady Anderson, who took up for the team at every turn as the Birds lost their 7th straight to fall to 15-38 on the season.

I guess Anderson hears whispers of a $200,000 broadcasting paycheck and that $80 per-day per-diem and figures, “if I have to try to convince people that the team really isn’t that bad, by golly, that’s what I’ll do if it gets me a gig.”

At one point in the game, trailing 6-0, the O’s had 3 hits and Anderson opined, “You know, it doesn’t look real good right now.  The Orioles haven’t scored a run and they only have three hits.  But they’re battling every time they’re up at the plate.  It’s a real battle.”

I can’t make that up.

Oh, the game?

Hell, I don’t know…every single time I looked up at the screen, a Yankee was on base somewhere. Robinson Cano hit a HR that stretched the lead to 8-1 in the bottom of the 7th inning.

That home run, by the way:  Landed.  Just.  Now.

Nick Swisher was 3-for-5 and Curtis Granderson was 3-for-4.  They play for New York.  You know that, of course, based on the fact that those two actually had productive nights at the plate.

It was such a laugher on Wednesday night that the Yankees let Chad Gaudin and his 8.14 ERA pitch the last two innings and the Orioles couldn’t even scratch out a run or two off of that n’er do well.

The night, though, was about Brad Bergesen and his whopper-of-a-stinker on the mound.

Not only was it the shortest outing of the career, but it forced Dave Trembley to use Mark Hendrickson (2.2 innings) and Matt Albers (2.0) in fairly extensive relief situations.

That might not bode well for tomorrow in New York for the series finale, but my guess is both teams will put out “B” lineups (please, no jokes about the Orioles and the “B” lineup) and the two starting pitchers (Millwood and Sabathia) will dominate.  Just a hunch…

There was a funny scene early in the game on Wednesday night.  Ty Wigginton was called out on a strike 3 half-swing via first-base-ump appeal and sort of flipped out about it.  The first-base umpire briefly shouted back at Wigginton and it appeared as if some fireworks were about to begin.

Trembley jumped out to the top of the dugout to defend Wigginton, but instead of going out and raising cain and kicking up some dirt, the manager merely yelled out to the umpire, “Take it easy!  Come on, let’s play ball.”  He then clapped his hands two times and went back to the dugout.

I couldn’t make that up, either.

It was a funny moment in an otherwise dreadful night for the Orioles.

I don’t know much, but I know this:  The Orioles are 15-38 now, but they’re not going to finish the season with 15 wins.  They WILL win again. Maybe they’ll win tomorrow in New York. Someday soon, they’ll put it all together and come out on top.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch and suffer along with them.

I’m such an idiot, I’m getting on a bus at 7am on Thursday and going to the series finale in New York.  You know you’re sick when you’re willing to ride 4 hours to watch them get beat.

And then the Red Sox come calling this weekend — and the Yankees buzz into town next week for three.

Just what we needed, right?

More losing.