The ONLY rule for Monday morning’s show…

May 14, 2007 | Drew Forrester

In the three hours following today’s collapse in Boston, I received 11 e-mails, all with the same topic in the subject line:




So I’m preparing for tomorrow morning’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show and I’m fully expecting an onslaught of calls and e-mails about firing the Manager.

But here’s the rule of thumb for Monday’s show:

You can’t call and say, “Fire the Manager” unless you have a suitable replacement to suggest.

Seriously…the team can’t run itself (although it might do better that way then in it’s current state…right?).  The team MUST have a Manager.

We can just do four hours of whacky, loud, rapid-fire “Get rid of Perlozzo” talk on Monday or we can try to have some intelligent conversation about how to fix this baseball team.  And if you think the way to fix it is by terminating the Manager, I’m more than willing to listen to that…but only if you’re also providing the name of his successor.

You wanna be the GM, you gotta play the ENTIRE role.  Can’t jettison the guy without having someone in place to take his job, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Talk to you in less than 9 hours.


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