The Orioles Apologist of the Month Is…

May 03, 2010 | Glenn Clark

As Drew Forrester and I pointed out today on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST, this one is a major championship. A real grand slam event. It’s akin to winning The Masters, or Wimbledon, or the U.S. Open.

The winner of this award now joins such legendary 1 time major champions as…

Fred Couples


Pat Cash


Davis Love III


Michael Chang


David Duval


And of course, the great Andy Roddick…


The nominees for “Apologist of the Months” included such former “Apologist of the Morning” winners and nominees as…

Chris Stoner (who believes Felix Pie should be bronzed outside Camden Yards)
Peter “The Professor” DiLutis (who knows more about baseball than myself, Drew, Jon Miller, Pat Gillick, George Steinbrenner and Tony Gwynn combined)
Daniel Moroz aka @CamdenCrazies (who actually developed a math formula that has the Orioles in 1st place in the AL East currently)
David Stevenson (who gets chills thinking about eerily similar Zach Britton is to Andy Pettitte)
Jen Royle (who is also nominated for Yankees apologist of the month)
Steve Melewski (who less than three weeks into the season was already beating the “real fans” drum)
Andy MacPhail (who said competition with the Yanks and Red Sox was “insurmountable”)
Dave Trembley (who went down the “This is your team, this is your city” route last week)


None of them were ready to claim a major championship. Instead, they are forced to settle for runner-up status. Not everyone can win major championships. Mal Washington made the final at Wimbledon, but fell to Richard Krajicek. Sergio Garcia has finished in the Top 5 at the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open AND PGA Championship but still hasn’t broken through.

The first “Apologist of the Month” for 2010 is…

Neal S. from “The Loss Column”

I don’t know Neal, but I know he has a way with words. Here he waxes existentially about how being an Orioles fan is like being in the movie “Road House”…
“Much like Dalton in Road House, we would reach a point where our participation in violence and struggle would be understood but never confused — internally or externally — with an endorsement of the same.

Do you enjoy watching the Orioles lose?
Watching the Orioles lose don’t hurt.

More broadly, the notion is this: we must reach that place where we focus not on outcomes (wins, losses) but instead on moments. Whatever is happening before us, that is the game. We must approach the Orioles with neither expectations nor judgment. Ideally, we arrive at a point where there is no “last night’s game” or “next season” — only what there is.”

It’s such beautiful apology that I don’t know where to start. No need to focus on outcomes, let’s just soak it in. Breathe deep. Orioles baseball. Let’s go O’s! Take it all in. It might be a loss, but it happened! That’s what matters!

The rest of the Apologist-sphere has a lot to live up to.

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