The Orioles are begging for our help. I say we should give it to them…

September 10, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Now, though, it’s the Rays who come in and the Orioles need to make sure they don’t see crowds of 15,000 or 20,000 per-game for these three ultra-critical contests.

And by lowering the prices for all three games, the Orioles are asking us for help.

They’re basically saying, “We need you to come out.”

I say, “Let’s go”.

I bought four tickets for Tuesday night’s game last week when the ticket offer was first made public.

I know others who did the same thing.

But there are still gobs and gobs of tickets left for all three games vs. Tampa Bay.

You need to buy a pair or three or four and get out to the stadium to see the team battle the Rays for first-place in the American League East.

Those of us who have followed the Birds for the last decade know how hard it was for the Orioles to swallow their pride last week and announce the ticket price reduction.  I’m aware that many of you harbor years of resentment toward the club and you’re probably still in the “I’m not going back” camp, but I’m suggesting that you put that angst aside on this occasion and get out to one of the three games.

Let’s keep in mind the Orioles have made a number of improvements over the last few years, not including this year’s amazing run on the field.  From putting BALTIMORE on the road jerseys three years ago to their outstanding Orioles REACH program and to this season’s wonderful trip down memory lane with their own version of “monument park” and the glorifying of Oriole greats, the club has made giant strides in re-connecting with a community they shunned for years while they chased the stuffed suits in Washington DC.

Personally, I still experience moments of bush-league treatment from team executives, who fail to respond to simple, professional e-mails, but when it comes to appreciating what the front office has done over the last few years to upgrade their relationship with the Baltimore sports fan, I’m more than willing to give them a giant thumbs up.

And that’s why I implore you to get out to the ballpark Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I know it’s a weeknight (and on Thursday, a 12:35 pm start), but you do lots of stuff on weeknights.  You go bowling, play cards, play softball or participate in some other sport or recreational activity that keeps you out of the house until 9 or 10 pm.  Many of you reading this right now will be at Ravens stadium on Monday night to watch the opener vs. the Bengals.  You can use an excuse for not going to the baseball stadium this week, but one of them can’t be “it’s a weeknight”.

Ticket prices are no longer an issue, not for this 3-game series, anyway.

Yes, beer prices are high at Oriole Park.

They’re also high at the football stadium but that doesn’t stop you from putting your liver into overdrive whenever the Ravens are playing at home.

Forget the cost for one night.

Get to the ballpark on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and help the Orioles out.

It took a lot for them to “buckle under” the pressure of stepping forward and saying, “We need you SO much that will take a hit in our own wallet if you’ll just come out and support the team when the Rays come to town.”

Just accept their attempt at making up and go out to a game this week.

The Orioles need us.

Meeting adjourned.

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  1. bill Says:

    I was going to go on Tuesday but now that I see you’re going I think I’ll stay home. I called the Orioles just now and told them to order more hot dogs and soft pretzels since you’re going. I assume you’re going by yourself. I know you don’t have three friends to take with you. You suck, Drew. No one cares what you think. No one. (DF: I don’t like soft pretzels. Call the Orioles back and tell them to stock up on more Moo Goo Gai Pan.)

  2. matt Says:

    ive predicted a few things. i dont exactly have a media platform like yourself so it may not stick to memory quite as well.

    my predictions:

    the yanks make the playoffs, orioles dont. tampa and oakland get the wild cards. this is… without going crazy and looking at each teams remaining schedule

    i also bet 5 chinese lumches that 5-7 american golfers you rattled off wouldnt win a major in the next 2 years or something like that

    i gave a pretty specific final stat line for peyton manning if that counts. i said 3500 yds 27 td’s 10 ints, though now that i saw him i think the yards are low.

    and ive put my 2 cents into a myriad of other things. but since they are just comments and not blogs they dont stick to memory.

    gimme a blog and ill predict all day and night. and be right ;D (DF: You can have a blog. Contact Nestor at “”.)

  3. matt Says:

    ill go ravens blowout tonight too. 34-17

  4. Bud Becker Says:

    Drew: Very Classy! I think the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Right now it is time to shine and enjoy! Hopefully it will be appreciated next April!

  5. Bill Says:

    Good post. Thursdays game was unreal, showed that as a city we still care. Actually went to Sunday’s game with a Yankee and said it was her first time she had been at the yard and felt like an outsider

  6. Tim Says:

    I listen. Many callers are right. There’s no reason to go to see the game in person. Owner sucks. It’s expensive. Every game is televised.

    I went last nite. First time since May. Plaza in front of Pickles was packed. Watched the end of the game tonite. Wow.

    Let go of the anger, bitterness, poor excuses. No reason not to go out and enjoy this. Send the team to the post-season. Have fun. Go O’s.

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