The Orioles aren’t winning one of the two wild card spots — and here’s why

September 14, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Yep, you read it right.

The Orioles will not be playing in the one-game wild card game on Friday, October 5.

That’s because they’re winning the American League East.

Book it.

The Yankees and Tampa Bay will fight it out for the “other” wild card spot after Oakland claims one out in the American League West.

There’s no need for me to go into a full-blown explanation of how or why the Birds are going to win the East.  You’ve watched the games all year.  Luck aside — thanks Bobby Valentine — there are just too many other obvious signs that point to the fact that the Orioles are actually going to claim the top perch in the East.

Chris Davis threw two shutout innings in Boston back in May.  And was the winning pitcher in that game.

Nate McLouth showed up after a stint in the minors, looking like the Nate McLouth who used to be really good.

Some guy named Tyler Teagarden has contributed to three or four wins…which is about as many games as I think he’s played all season.  He could walk into any Royal Farms in Baltimore and not one person would know he is.

Oh, wait, his name is Taylor, not Tyler?  See what I mean…

Mark Reynolds started the year at 3rd base and looked like Roger Dorn from Major League, taking balls off his shoulders, hands, etc.  Then he moved to first base in May and looks like the second coming of Mark Teixeira over there.

The Orioles called up Manny Machado in August and he’s been outstanding since his call-up.  He’s the first Oriole to ever collect a game-winning hit before he was able to shave.

It’s been an amazing run.

And it’s only going to get better – and more fun – in the next month.

The Orioles are going to win the American League East.

From worst to first.

Mark it down, kids.

Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.


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  1. Calvin @ JHH Says:

    In before Bill

    I agree Drew. The O’s seem like a Team of Destiny this season. Unbelievable and fun to watch what is happening.

    Go O’s!!
    Go Ravens!!

  2. bill Says:

    I hope it doesn’t happen just because I can’t stand it when you’re right. You think Philadelphia is the worst city in America? Well you’re the worst sports announcer in America. You belong in Philadelphia. You’re a bum. So is everyone else at WNST. You guys can’t hold a candle to 105.7 The Fan. (DF: You’re just mad because Calvin beat you to the punch. Early bird gets the worm, Bill.)

  3. Chris Says:

    Regardless of what I or anyone thinks about the owner of this team (and I think he sucks for the record), this has been one of the most fun teams in any sport I can remember watching. The players all have eachother’s back and seem to genuinely care. FINALLY some young pitchers have stepped up and there seems to be a new hero each week. While the crowds are not fully packing the stadium, it’s a true Baltimore crowd like there used to be at memorial stadium. It has been a fun year to say the least. I hope you’re right and they do win the east, but regardless of what happens this has been such a fun year. Go O’s!!!

  4. John Says:

    This is just great. I’m printing this out and putting it on my door.

  5. John in Westminster Says:

    I’ll join you with a glass of the orange KoolAid when they win their next game to wrap up their first winning season since the last millennium!

  6. justafan Says:

    I nominate Bill for Malcontent of the Year.

  7. Tim Says:

    “And you’re not welcome back on the bandwagon either.” – Bill

    The energy / buzz is growing. It was SO good to hear Nate on your show the other morning – talking about his ups and downs, and the fans who show up. LOVED it.

    He’s not the first Oriole back on the air w/ you, is he?

    Buck Yeah! Go O’s.

  8. Mike Paskoff Says:

    I’d love to “book” it and bet on the O’s to win the division but I’m out of money since I took your advice and bet that the O’s were going to sweep the Yanks last weekend or at least win 3 of 4. LOL! Just kidding pal, go O’s!

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    I have to think yesterdays win makes Buck a lock for Manager Of The Year.

  10. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    Finally, someone in the media agrees with Bucky…. and me to. Never ever will the Orioles go for the wild card. To do so is being 2nd rate and lazy. Look at us we made the playoffs the easy way….the wild card way. Whoopee!!!!

    The wild card is for losers anyway.

    Go Orioles, go for broke go all the way – to the division title.

  11. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    Everybosy repeat this – Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    Baltimore Orioles — 2012 American League East Champions.

    By-by Yankees. Enjoy your loser wild card.

    Enough said.

  12. Robert Says:


    When I read your provocative headline, I suspected what I’d find in the column, and you neither surprised nor disappointed me. As is oft said: “from your lips (or should I say words?) to God’s ears”. I’m a little nervous now as I think making predictions is like navigating a slippery slope, at best. Cheers.

    P.S. – To Bill, I think you should be taking the whole Zoloft at one time instead of breaking it in half to spread between 2 doses. Sheeesh!

  13. The Armchair QB Says:

    From your lips to God’s ears! So it is written, so it will be done!

  14. Chuck Says:

    Crap, now we’re screwed.

  15. PghSteve Says:

    And Manny won’t even be old enough to to drink the champagne after they clinch the AL East…

    Os and Nats in the Series- what could be better than that?

  16. Mel Says:

    No way. Way to early to put a prediction out there like that. Be one thing if they led the division but they are barely holding on to 2nd wild card. Book it they won’t win no division. I bet you they miss playoffs all together. They can’t even get a game lead in division and Yankees have a push over schedule to finish. No I’m not a Boston or NY fan, go O’s but they WILL NOT win AL East.

  17. dave hittinger Says:

    Silly man. Too late to pretend , you lost your O’s fan card a long time ago. I spoke with Peter and he confirmed it. (DF: Yeah, I lost my “fan card” a long time ago. Was that BEFORE or AFTER I bought two season tickets last season? What a dope you are…when’s the last time you bought two season tickets? Right, never. Thanks for playing.)

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