This Time Next Year… BEWARE!

June 16, 2010 | John West

Did anyone see last summers end of the world epic 2012?  Well, here in Baltimore, next summer will be playing a different disaster movie.  Only, it won’t be a movie, it well be real life, and “We Didn’t Listen!!!”

Today is June 17, 2010.  As a passionate fan of Baltimore sports, particularly the Orioles and the Ravens, I had a thought.  What will June 17, 2011 look like?

There are two trains of thought on this, and neither is very appealing.

First, the Orioles.  Next year’s team will be better than this one.  I know this because I know it cannot get worse.  We have been saying for years that it cannot get worse as an Orioles fan.  However, I know we are at rock bottom.  I know this because of the teachings of Einstein and Newton and any other really smart dude throughout history.  On a planet, things fall due to gravity, until they hit the bottom.  We are at bottom.  Ok, maybe I didn’t pay attention in class that day…

This year’s team will end the year with a record somewhere near 52-110.  In 2011, lets say the Orioles finish 61-101.  That’s improvement, but not enough to say it’s not really really really bad baseball.  I don’t know what the Orioles will trade for, or sign, as the season ends and during the offseason.  I have seen “the plan” in action, so I have very little hope for a dramatic turnaround.  Another long spring and summer of bad baseball.

Now, what is getting me through this baseball season is the same thing that has gotten me through the last 13 baseball seasons, and that is: at least I know football is coming!  I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but everything I hear and read sounds like we will not have that lifeline next year.  As of today, the best bet is that there will be a lockout at the beginning of the 2011 NFL season.

Let that sink in…… Yes, I mean we will most likely have to watch Oriole baseball next year in the context of their being an impending NFL lockout.

How will the lockout end? Does the NFL use replacement players? Any number of terrible questions can be asked.  They all lead to the same answers for today, which is a very depressing summer next year.

If I can’t be thinking about the health of the Ravens secondary next year at this time, I might be more focused on the baseball.  I won’t want that.  It sounds like an evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz plan.  I’ll call it “The De-Fun-Innator”, but this time there will be no one laughing.  (For anyone who doesn’t know who Dr. Doofenshmirtz is, find out and enjoy him.)