To everyone who contributed to ’96-’97 Orioles celebration: Thanks and No Thanks

July 23, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

As I said to Rick on Wednesday night, knowing what you and everyone else in his generation knows about Brooks Robinson, compared to what they know (and in some cases don’t know because the guy isn’t out in the public light very often) about Peter Angelos…let’s just say it isn’t too hard to figure out who to blame out of those two individuals.

I was driving around a few blocks from Camden Yards Friday night around 6:15PM before a 7:05PM game against the playoff contending Angels.

Friday night. $6 student night. Sunny night although it was 100 degrees. Middle of July.

No orange shirts. No hot dog vendors. No excitement.

No sign of Orioles baseball.


That is what baseball in Baltimore has come to. It really has.

It was great to hear from Mike Bordick and Perlozzo and Michael Reghi and everyone associated with those two teams, from the field to the staff to the front office to the broadcast booth.

But we’re far past the point of having those types of people around this organization and this city. And 20 years from now, we likely won’t be hearing a peep from the All Stars and heros that made up those legendary teams. We just won’t. That’s how it works in Birdland these days.