Tony Pente’s Manifesto

July 22, 2010 | John West


It has been a long time since I visited Orioles Hangout.  I have several other places I get my Oriole news and information.  However, everyone reading this needs to go there and read Tony Pente’s manifesto.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I said “Wow” or “Oh my God” or just made the noise “AAHHHHHH” when I read it.  It is a scathing rebuke of the entire Oriole organization.  It is hard to pick out the most shocking parts, but I will try.

Apparently, during the 2004 draft, scouting director Tony DeMacio would have to run every one of his offers through Angelos.  This is taken directly from Tony’s article “Then there was the 2004 draft in which Angelos told DeMacio he had to select a college pitcher at the last second when he found out he was about to select high school shortstop Chris Nelson. Angelos was reportedly concerned over Nelson’s lack of height (Nelson is generously listed at 5-foot-11). Under the gun, DeMacio took 6-foot-4 Rice right-hander Wade Townsend and after an acrimonious negotiation, they let him return to college instead of signing him. In that 2004 draft, DeMacio did not take one player under the height of 6-foot-1 until the 20th round when he selected 5-foot-7 Jonathan Tucker”

REALLY!!  We had a 74 year old owner whose edict was “Don’t take anyone small!!!!!!!!!!!”  Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Then there is this, again taken directly from Tony’s article  “Although the exact story remains a close secret, multiple sources indicate that Stockstill and Bernhardt once got some people close to ownership out of some trouble in the Dominican and have job security due to this fact. Sources also indicate that Jim Duquette tried to fire Stockstill but was not allowed to by Angelos. Sources also indicate that Andy MacPhail wanted to get rid of him as well but was only able to move him out of the Player Development role into International Scouting.”

REALLY!!  Is David Stockstill still employed because someone close to Peter Angelos needed help getting out of some trouble in the Dominican?  Is this a bad rip-off of the Godfather.  Actually, if you read the entire article, it’s the most productive thing any Oriole has ever done in the Dominican…

And Tony ends with this, “The Orioles have never invested in Latin America, they’ve signed one international free agent in the frail Koji Uehara, they have struggled to draft and develop impact major league players, and their payroll is in the lower half of baseball and lowest in the AL East when all things are considered. The team runs per game average of 3.59 is the second lowest in the American League while their 5.34 R/G allowed is worst in the AL. Their .981 fielding percentage is tied for the second-worst in the American League. In other words, the team can’t hit, pitch, or field.”

REALLY!!  They can’t hit, pitch or field.  But other than that, things are looking up.

Andy MacPhail is interviewed extensively during the article.  He is a big whiner.  He can’t talk for a minute without going back to the competitive imbalances that are unfairly hurting the Orioles.  I had no idea the depth of this attitude.  You get the sense from reading this article that MacPhail see’s EVERYTHING through the lens of “It isn’t fair.”

Hear is the bottom line.  After watching this 2010 Orioles team play to a 30-64 record, it has become painfully obvious that the on the field product is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the off the field organization.  This team is better than the organization that built it.  And this is the worst team in the league.  As I have feared for years, we haven’t hit rock bottom yet.  Today, I know we are still falling, and I now understand the depth of our fall.  It’s soooo sad!!!