Toronto coasts past Orioles on Friday night, 5-0

May 28, 2010 | Drew Forrester

I think I might have been the only person in Baltimore to watch Friday’s 5-0 loss in Toronto…but I watched it.


Sure, I’ll make it quick.

The Orioles had 8 singles.  No one on the team saw 3rd base the whole night, unless you count Miguel Tejada who played there defensively and Juan Samuel who is the team’s 3rd base coach.  To say the Birds never came close to scoring would be unfair to the term “never came close”.

Toronto scored 3 times in the first inning.  Nick Markakis uncharacteristically butchered a ball off the wall in the opening inning and Scott Moore threw a ball off of Tejada’s chest at 3rd base that contributed to the Blue Jays third run.

Kevin Millwood was decent enough, but he fell to 0-5 on the year.  The scoresheet says he allowed four earned runs in 6 innings of work, but he was better than that.  After the game, Millwood mumbled and whispered his way through a 3-minute interview session with MASN.  Someone should remind him that August and September in (insert city here) is nice.  He’ll most definitely be dealt before the July trade deadline and even though he can’t imagine it right now, Kevin Millwood will pitch in an important game or two at some point this season.

Shaun Marcum was terrific for Toronto, striking out 7 in 6 innings of work and lowering his ERA to 2.59.  Enough about him.

And Dave Trembley rebounded from a horrific Thursday night to post a relatively unblemished Friday night effort in the dugout.  It’s not his fault the players on his team can’t hit.

Even Gary Thorne and Mike Flanagan sounded down in the dumps on Friday night.  During the post-game show, Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey made it a point to review a couple of calls in the game that “went against the team” and Hunter went to great lengths to explain how “you never know what might have happened” had Corey Patterson been allowed to take first base on catcher’s interference on a play early in the game.  I guess I can’t blame those two.  What the hell else are they going to talk about?

The happiest guy in the organization might be Cla Meredith, who was shipped down to Norfolk today to make room for Chris Tillman.  Tillman will be the starting pitcher on Saturday who allows 2 runs and 6 hits in 5.2 innings but loses 3-1, in case you’re wondering who he is.

I’ll give Trembley some credit.  The Orioles are now 15-34.  Night after night, they figure out different ways to lose.  And after every loss, he answers the questions posed to him by the media.  He says the same thing a lot.  And it’s fairly evident he’s searching for answers and struggling to come up with any.  But he’s a stand-up guy after every loss.

So we got that going for us…which is nice.