Tuesday morning thoughts

October 23, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Here’s my thoughts to everything in the news Monday….

(In response to the various reactions given to Kevin Millar’s participation with the Red Sox this weekend)
-I’m glad to see that there are at least enough passionate Orioles fans left for people to be pissed about Kevin Millar. This guy owes the city of Baltimore an apology, one that I don’t expect is coming. What’s worse is the news that Andy MacPhail agreed to let Millar participate. MacPhail thought only about baseball and nothing about the Orioles. He owes the fans an apology as well. Both of these clowns have a LOT to do before I will support them. Millar is in a territory so dangerous that I might not support him EVER again. I’ve read the excuses today, and I don’t buy any of them. This is simply unacceptable. I’m as mad today as I was yesterday, and as I was last week. This organization STILL has no clue, and nothing is changing.

(In response to BJ Surhoff turning down a coaching job with the Orioles)
-I’m really disappointed that BJ Surhoff wouldn’t accept a coaching position with the Orioles. The guy cried when he was traded from Baltimore to Atlanta, and is one of our favorite players of all time. That being said, looking at this train wreck from afar, maybe I can’t blame him.

(In response to Brian Billick’s rather predictable Monday press conference)
-Brian Billick didn’t say anything today that surprised me. Maybe the reason why I like Brian Billick so much and want him to succeed is because I pretty much know what to expect every time he speaks. The season ISN’T over, but unless we see something drastically different on November 5th when this team gets healthy, Brian is going to have to have some new things to say.

(In response to Clemson RB James Davis guaranteeing that the Tigers will beat the Terps on Saturday)
-Did Clemson RB James Davis really guarantee a victory Saturday? Here’s where I struggle with this….a guarantee in sports means nothing. Unless James Davis offered to wash dishes at Bentley’s if they lost, I don’t buy that his guarantee means anything. If Clemson wins, they’ll win because they wore the Terps down running the ball, and took advantage of Maryland’s EXTREMELY thin offensive line. If Clemson IS to win, I hope I don’t hear a single thing from ABC’s broadcasters about how Davis and company were trying to live up to his guarantee.

(In response to Josh Portis speaking to a group of children at Lewisdale Elementary School about academic dishonesty)
-I’m glad that Josh Portis is living up to what he did, but he has to wonder what could have been. Should he have not been ruled ineligible, Portis would have been inserted into the starting lineup when Steffy was injured instead of Chris Turner. Turner has played outstanding given the circumstances, but I think Ralph would feel more comfortable with Portis under center. We’ve all pulled something like this at some point in our lives, but most of us didn’t have the opportunity to start at QB for a Division I college football team that COULD have been competing for a division or league title.

(In response to Navy AD Chet Gladchuck saying the Mids’ “have no interest” in a rematch with Air Force in the Poinsettia Bowl)
-How funny is it that Navy doesn’t want to have anything to do with Air Force in the Poinsettia Bowl, but is still angry at Maryland for passing up on the chance to play in the Continental Tire Bowl last year? I know Navy and Maryland wouldn’t have been a rematch, but consider this…….Navy thought that a game against Maryland would have been better for both schools, whereas a Navy-Air Force matchup would probably be more beneficial to both schools than an Air Force-Northern Illinois matchup or a Navy-TCU showdown. Do you think Air Force will try to cancel the series? Yes, its a complete stretch, but I do find a LITTLE bit of humor in it.

Have a great day!