Uniforms, GREAT…Event, not.

November 12, 2008 | Drew Forrester


Poorly planned.

And dangerous to the people in attendance.

But great to see those BALTIMORE away jerseys.

That should sum up today’s “rally” at the Gallery, where about 400 people jammed their way in – literally – to see (and hear…or try to) the unveiling of the new Orioles’ uniforms.  (EDIT from DF at 8:15 pm on 11/12/08 — a “friend” in the Orioles office contacted me late today and said they brought 1,000 pocket schedules with them to the Gallery and had about 200 left at the end of the day.  He/she believes there were more like 700 people in attendance – not the 400 I noted…for the record.)

Obviously, the O’s would do it differently if they could do it again.

For starters, they held the event at noon, mid-week, for one-reason: MEDIA COVERAGE

Why, then, was there not a special section set aside on the second level for the 20 or so of us from the media who made it out to Harborplace? A larger-than-life female police officer kept threatening folks to “back off…back away…move, move, move…”. At one point, they demanded that David Steele and Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun “get out of the way” and ushered them back behind a pole 15-20 feet away. I guess they thought David and Jeff work for WNST?

I happened to sneak my way back to the front and witnessed more confusion as people came up the escalator at 12 noon with nowhere to go. But Lady Cop kept barking at them to “keep going, keep moving!” when there really wasn’t anyplace for them to go.

Fire hazard? Probably.

I had two guys come up to me afterwards complaining that they were on the 3rd floor and couldn’t hear anything that was being said by Jim Hunter and the players.

Makes sense…I was 20-feet away and had a hard time hearing.

The jerseys looked great, from the vantage point the media was afforded – tucked away in the back right portion of the 2nd floor near a shoe store.

Why have an “event” FOR the media and not have a place up front for the media?

As for the fans in attendance, they all just looked happy to be there…even if they couldn’t hear.

Afterwards, the media on the team’s payroll were all allowed to come up front and ask questions to Andy MacPhail, Dave Trembley and the players who were there sporting the new clothes.

The rest of the media ducked into the shoe store to see what was on sale.

Not much else to say…really.

The event came off and no one, evidently, was hurt — even though a hundred or so folks were trying to leave the building and couldn’t because the escalators weren’t working and everyone was just standing there saying, “I want to leave…”

The Fire Marshal MUST be an Orioles’ fan…that’s all I could think while I was standing there watching it all unfold in front of me.

The jerseys look great.

BALTIMORE is back.

Let’s just hope the pursuit of Mark Teixeira, A.J. Burnett and Orlando Cabrera aren’t as poorly executed as was today’s event.

The new Baltimore jersey