Vitamin B12 is Back

January 31, 2010 | Tom Federline

Miguel Tejada is back in town and……….that’s a good thing. For the most part, he was a fan favorite while he was here. I know he’s 52 years old, has a mis-conception on the effects of steroids and has been known to distort the truth at times, but he is a ball player. A 37 year old, Melvin Mora out. A (35) year old, Miguel Tejada in. Not a bad swap. Apparently this Josh Bell kid is not ready. You have to wonder – why not? Mora has moved on, I believe he has signed with the Colorado Rockies. As a part-time player, the Rockies will be better for it. I was a big  fan of Melv-eye, but he was breaking down. It looks like Tejada still has something in the tank and hopefully it is not B12. The O’s need his bat, his glove and yes, an experienced presence in the Clubhouse.

Even though, Tejada has a history of being tops in the majors for grounding into double plays, the line-up just got better. I say bat him 9th. Minimal damage at that position with potential for keeping an inning alive. He will be good at third and he may even still be able to fill in at short. Former and present teammates only speak highly of Miggy. Most of the time it appears  he is trying and involved in the game. Although there were times when he looked like Albert Bell jogging down to first. Come on – we’ve all had rough days on the job. It’s just that most of us do not get paid tens of thousands dollars a day. Therein lies (whoops – better not use that word), Therein exists the working individuals (our) distaste for laziness and cheating.

Tejada’s  integrity was damaged. His playing career and achievements…….questionable. Is that so different than probably 65% of the baseball players from the late 80’s – present? He came up in the A’s organization, where ‘roids were rampant. Which means he may have been “juiced” for quite some time. Maybe the “juice” left him, “Dazed and Confused” – Led Zep. Not able to comprehend greed vs. acceptance or truth from lies. He is another product of a tainted era in sports. We all make mistakes. It’s what you do, to avoid making that same mistake again. Maybe he has learned to pay off the right testing lab?

What I do know is, when Tejada was here, the Orioles were better for it. If this young kid Bell, needs another 1/2 or full year……..nice timing. If Miggy still has that spark, anticipation for a winning season grows. Welcome back, Miguel Tejada. The potential for a good season is in process.