was Youk worth a shot?

June 25, 2012 | Richard Golden

This afternoon Kevin Youkilis traded Sox (Red to White), for a young minor leaguer pitcher and a utility infielder. My question is, should the Orioles have shown more interest?  Duquette recently stated that the Orioles would be “buyers” at the trading deadline, but what will they be buying?  The minor league system is not strong enough to make an offer for a serious front line starter, and there is no way the team would give up Dylan Bundy or Manny Machado.  That being said, could an offer of Chris Tillman or maybe a Troy Patton packaged with another minor league infielder brought Youk to Baltimore?  I’m sure there were other intangibles involved, (read: $$$$), but it might have been worth the shot.  Additionally, do the Red Sox want to bank their hopes on an unproven rookie? Will Middlebrooks is 23, Youkilis is 33.  Middlebrooks is currently hitting .336, with Youk in the .220s. But, will Middlebrooks be as successful the second time around the league?  Bobby Valentine better hope so, or he may be “one and done” in Boston.

With Wilson Betemit and Mark Reynolds struggling offensively and defensively at 3rd base, how much worse could Youkilis have been?  It might have been worth the shot to at least make an offer.  As the trading deadline approaches, we’ll see if Duquette lives up to his words.