When going to BirdLand, wear a hat!!

June 10, 2010 |

June 10, 2010,

As a long suffering O’s fan, the McPhail hiring brought some hope for the turn around of the team. Three years into his tenure, I am still waiting for a glimpse of hope that seems to never come. Like a kid at Christmas waiting to unwrap the years hottest gift, only to find out that mom and dad were to cheap to buy it for you. However,you did get your Wal-Mart socks? Right?
This so- called transition seems stuck in reverse as we continue to fall backwards with regard to hustle, fundamentals and prospect deveopment. Hitters in the farm system? NO! Pitchers in the Farm system? Yes, but why do they struggle at the Major League level so much. Why are their arms either falling off or they cannot pitch past the 6th inning?
Inevitably things have to change. The question is how do we correct an organization that is so broken that it refuses to get out of it’s own way in regards to obtaining and developing on field talent and even selling tickets to a stadium still considered one of the best venues in all of baseball.
The answer is simple. Find someone who can run this team as a sports enterprise from the field to the team offices. One voice who will carry the message of revitalization. Some one who knows baseball so well that we do not doubt his word, but have faith in his plan. That is where the problem comes in. Who is that person. Any ideas?Will the next Joh Scheurholtz please step up.
Be careful going to BirdLand these days folks. Make sure you wear your hat, you never know what might land on your head.