Which song by The Smiths should be O’s theme?

August 29, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So I was OPACY tonight – hung around through 5 innings.  Sat next to Stan Charles and chatted about baseball and the O’s with him for about an hour.  It was a nice, relaxing evening in the press box.  The 4-1 lead looked safe, although I was a tad nervous when the Rays cut it to 4-3.  Home runs from Hernandez and Huff made it 6-3 and I figured this one was probably “in the books”.

I got home shortly after 9pm and my wife and I buckled Ethan into his stroller and took him out for a walk in the neighborhood.  It was 6-3 as we departed the house.

20 minutes later, I walk in and from the upstairs TV, I hear Jim Hunter say, “…and that makes it ten-six Devil Rays…”


Are you freakin’ kidding me?

It got worse, of course.  10-6 became 14-6…an 11-run 8th inning for the Rays.  Even in that 30-3 ass-thumping a week ago, the O’s didn’t give up 11 runs in an inning.

The final is now in: 15-8 Tampa Bay.  That’s 7-straight losses for ‘dem O’s.  I guess all that extra infield practice and team meeting prior to this evening’s game didn’t do a whole lot.

I got about 15 text messages during that 8th inning from friends who were either at the game or watching it on TV.  Virtually every one of those included expletives that I’d rather not share here on this site.

But I’m not letting this collapse bother me.  Remember…last week I wrote a blog about how I feel sorry for the team now.  And I still do.  I’m no longer mad.  I’m kind of numb to it all.  I feel bad for Trembley.  He’s trying to win a Triple Crown horse race with a colt who has an infected hoof.  “Ain’t gonna happen”, as Charley Eckman would say back in the day.

I feel bad for Millar.  And Bako.  And Roberts.  And Patterson.  Markakis…Payton…Tejada…all of ’em, really.  Some of those guys really don’t deserve this.  Hell, I’d almost go as far as saying NO ONE on the roster deserves this, in all honesty.  But some of those players out there tonight made this bed.  Now they have to put their head on the pillow and get comfy under the sheets.  They wanted Perlozzo out.  They got him out.  They wanted Trembley.  They got him.  Sleep tight, men.

So here now, is the real question.  What song from The Smiths best exemplifies the current state of the Orioles and their 2007 season?

Would it be:  “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” — or — “That joke isn’t funny anymore” ??

What a choice, huh?  I mean, every Orioles fan is probably downright miserable now, what with this 7-game losing skid.  And that bullpen – the JOKE they’ve become – well, it really isn’t funny anymore.  It’s painful.

There is ONE more Smiths song to consider that could be appropriate right now.

“Please, please, please let me get what I want.” — ha ha

How about a win?

Tomorrow, please.