Who’s playing at OPACY tonight? Skipjacks vs. Fredericton?

May 23, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I didn’t venture down to the ballpark tonight but a few of my friends did…and why not?  It’s a great night for baseball.  You’ll be wishing for a night like this – clear skies, temps in the mid 70’s – come July when it’s 93 degrees with 95% humidity at game-time.

Anyway, it might me be a great night for baseball, but that concept must have been ignored by A LOT of people tonight.

Both of my “reporters” are telling me they think there are 6,000 (one report) or 7,500 (report #2) in the ballpark this evening.

Is that possible?

Well, of course, it’s possible.  I was at the A’s game on a Monday night earlier this season and I’m telling you there were 8,000 in the stands, max.

But, I mean, is it really possible that these crowds can get worse?

I sure hope not.  But I wouldn’t bet against it.

Naturally, the club will NEVER announce an attendance figure that would make the game “the lowest crowd in team history”.  They’d be foolish to do that.  They’ve been stretching the crowds for 3-4 years now, while subject yourself to the embarrassment of having to announce an attendance figure that’s the worst (announced) the club has had since moving to OPACY in 1993?

I trust both of my “reporters” who are at the ballpark.  If their “eye-ball” figures are right, and there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 people there this evening, I’ll officially predict a crowd of 13,922 tonight.