Why tonight is special to me…

October 05, 2012 | Luke Jones

Tonight, we watch the Orioles compete in their first postseason game in 5,469 days.

In October 1997, I was a freshman in high school and sported a mouthful of braces. Earlier this week, I celebrated my 29th birthday.

Though very happy for the city of Baltimore and for all Orioles fans, I’ll think of four very special people in my life who are here in spirit but not in body tonight.

I’ll remember Grandmom’s amusing mix of optimism and fickleness with Grandpop hilariously needling her from across the room the entire time.

I’ll envision Pop sitting in his recliner, watching quietly but intently.

And I will picture Dad sitting on the couch next to me, hanging with every pitch as he screams and drops popcorn all over the floor.

They are the reason why I love baseball and why I’m in this business. And the thought of the four of them watching this one tonight brings a smile to my face.

Regardless of what happens over the next few hours in Arlington, enjoy this one for yourself and for those who loved the Orioles and are no longer with us.