With Bergesen, O’s Start Transitional Period

April 20, 2009 | Peter Dilutis

It has been confirmed that Brad Bergesen will be getting the start for the O’s tomorrow night at Camden Yards against the White Sox.

Bergesen won the Jim Palmer Award in 2008, which is given to the Orioles top minor league pitcher each season. He has had success at every level of the minors at which he has pitched.  Bergesen is 23 years old and is obviously ready for his chance in the Bigs.

For me, this is great news, as Bergesen pitching over Simon means that the Orioles are playing both for the present and the future. Even after watching the Orioles get swept in a 4 game series by the Red Sox, I find myself  more excited to see Bergesen pitch tomorrow than I have been for any other game this season.

The O’s are going to take their lumps this year. They need to make sure that they take their lumps with young players who have a future here in Baltimore, as opposed to stopgaps such as Simon, Eaton, and Hendrickson, who will be nowhere to be found come 2010

 Bringing up Bergesen as opposed to a Chris Waters is a sign that the organization understands this, and that they continue to have their eye on the future as well as the present.

The Orioles will spend much of the rest of the 2009 season transitioning out the older stopgaps and phasing in the younger, more talented players that will play such a key role in taking this Orioles franchise back to the top of the AL East.

Tuesday night is the next step in this process. The first step was the hiring of Andy MacPhail. The Orioles and their fans hope that the final step will consist of  perennial contention in the toughest division in baseball.

In the meantime, let’s root for Brad Bergesen on Tuesday night. Let’s enjoy watching this next group of players; the group that the Orioles hope will be a part of their next winning team. As Brian  Billick and Ozzie Newsome would say, Bergesen is the “next man up.”  He is the next man up that will try to convince Orioles’ fans that their future is brighter than the recent past.