With MacPhail out, what’s next for Showalter, O’s?

October 07, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Andy MacPhail is out as Orioles president of baseball operations and will not return to the organization in any capacity in 2012.

Buck Showalter, once expected by many to assume the role of general manager upon MacPhail’s departure, remains as manager for the time being.

My first impression is simple: What took so long? This is a move that has been expected for at least a few months, and while the obvious ultimately occurred, the Orioles stayed true to form in making the entire situation much more complicated and painful than it needed to be.

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Andy MacPhail called the shots in Baltimore for four full seasons, each resulting in a last place finish. While I think he is a solid baseball man who made some good decisions with the O’s, it became apparent over time that he was not the right man to turn this team into a contender in the American League East.

It was time for him to move on.

While Buck Showalter as general manager intrigues me, I believe he is a good baseball man and manager, and the Orioles will benefit from him staying in the dugout.

Buck is a known quantity. He is, at worst, an above average manager. It can be logically argued that moving Buck from manager to general manager, assuming the Orioles wouldn’t go out and hire a slam dunk manager, would then create two unknowns as Showalter has no experience as the main decision maker in an organization.

What this situation does create is a potentially delicate situation for whoever does replace MacPhail as the general manager, president of baseball operations, or whatever fancy title Peter Angelos decides to give the new head man.