WNST.net “wins” the Konerko story, film at 11

December 01, 2010 | Drew Forrester

In the last 36 hours, my dishwasher needed to be repaired, a cabinet fell off my wall at home and someone hit my car in the rain.

So I needed a “win” today.

And we got it, in the form of the Paul Konerko offer that was made by the Orioles.

WNST had it first.

Yep, first. As in, before anyone else.

My “tweet” went out at 1pm. Everyone else followed suit about 90 minutes later.

They won’t be doing a whole lot of “crediting” at Orioles Hangout (where the sheep like to say, “WNST never gets anything right…”) or at The Sun or anywhere else in town where folks post news about the baseball team.

And honestly, it doesn’t bother me one iota that people don’t say, “WNST is reporting”.

I get much more delight out of the fact that we had it first. That station that “no one listens to”…that station that “has no sources”…that station that “has no credibility”.

Well, THAT STATION somehow found someone who provided us with the news today that the Orioles have made an offer to Paul Konerko.

At some point, I almost expect the O’s to deny it just for the sake that we broke the story, but then they’d be fighting with the likes of Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette, I suppose, since they’ve reported it as well.

I can’t stop laughing…

Little ol’ WNST beat ’em all today. Like a drum…

I can’t wait for Dipper9 and BaltimoreTerp and SilentJames and the rest of the crew at the OH to put some salt on that crow and make themselves a meal out of it.

It doesn’t make up for my car getting hit or the cabinet falling or the dishwasher needing repairs, but at least I’m laughing again.

And laughter, as you know, is the best medicine.

5:33 pm Edit —

It’s hilarious to me how many people get their feathers ruffled anytime we take credit for something we accomplish. It’s almost like we’re not allowed to win at anything. Let me clue some of you in on a little secret. I treat “this” (meaning, sports media, radio, blogging, my job) like I treated sports when I played…it’s a competition. We’re COMPETING with the other radio stations in town, the other sports-related web sites in town and anyone else who considers themselves in “sports media”. We’re competing with them the same way Outback competes with Applebees and the Olive Garden and TGIF and Ruby Tuesday. I like to win when I compete. What happened today is very simple. We won. And since we’re ALWAYS the underdog (which I prefer, frankly), I love to revel in the upset when we “win” on a story or an issue. A lot of people in the last hour would have saved time and energy had they simply said, “Well done…nice win” rather than try and rattle MY cage about the method that I chose for proclaiming our victory. I’m unrattle-able (not a word, but deal with it…) when it comes to this issue, because I’m having fun with it. When little ol’ WNST.net beats the big boys, I take great pride in that. And I think it’s funny, because I know how much it rankles people when we win. That’s all. Thanks for reading. Have a good night.)