Would Tom Kelly be of interest to the O’s?

June 21, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Who knows where this managerial “caravan” will stop off next?  Joe Girardi was the first interview on Tuesday…Davey Johnson threw his tarnished hat in the ring late yesterday afternoon…and The Sun reports today that Rick Dempsey COULD be an interview-candidate for Dave Trembley’s job.

Well, I still stick with my original theory.  Girardi is too smart to dive into this pile of remains and think he’s going to come out with someone’s diamond necklace.  I just can’t imagine – when the dust settles and everyone who advises Girardi gives him their final statement – that he’s going to take the gig.  In a way, I hope I’m wrong.  I think it would make for an interesting four months, if nothing else.  Don’t know that he’d make the team better, but I think he’d give us a lot to talk about!

Anyway, here’s a name to chew on…from Andy MacPhail’s past, no less.

Tom Kelly.  Here’s his bio from baseball-reference.com.

He won a couple of World Series’ with the Twins during MacPhail’s stewardship in Minneapolis and he’s only 56 (57 in August) years old.  True, he’s been out of the game since ’01, but I’m sure he still remembers how to put on a uniform and make out a lineup card.

Would this situation in Baltimore be attractive to Kelly?

OK, let me re-phrase that (this situation in Baltimore wouldn’t be attractive to anyone except perhaps Stevie Wonder).

Would the Orioles be willing to pay Kelly enough to lure him out of retirement?

Is he even interested in managing again?  He probably isn’t…or he would have a job somewhere.  That’s my guess.  He’s probably no longer motivated to manage, travel, etc.  But if he WAS interested…would he be a good fit here?

And would MacPhail be “more comfortable” with his old buddy Tom Kelly than either Girardi, Dusty Baker, Don Baylor or any of the other names you’re sure to be hearing about in the next few days?

Just a thought.

Side note:

Speaking of MacPhail, I tried to contact O’s Communications Director Greg Bader with a request to have MacPhail on my show either Thursday or Friday.

I have not yet received any kind of reply.

Question of the day:  Is there ANYTHING in the world more unprofessional or most discourteous than someone not returning your phone call, e-mail or text message?

Does anyone else find it odd that someone with the title of COMMUNICATIONS Director doesn’t get back to people in a timely fashion, if at all, even?

If you still want to carry on with that petty, juvenile “black-balling” of WNST personalities, that’s really OK.  But at the very least, have some stones and return a call or an e-mail, and just say, “No thanks, we’d rather not have Andy MacPhail on your show.”