Your Monday Reality Check-Duquette deserves praise for “putting it on the box”

June 25, 2012 | Glenn Clark

If I were headed in the direction of Las Vegas soon, I’d be at least interested enough to stop by the MGM Grand Sportsbook.

I can’t fathom they have odds set for “Do the Baltimore Orioles make a significant move before the July 31 Major League Baseball trade deadline?”, but I would think I could convince someone to let me place a bet. I don’t think it will surprise anyone that my bet would almost certainly be placed on “no.”

During my show “The Reality Check” (afternoons 2-6pm AM1570, I like to point out that if an entity has typically shown a certain type of behavior I will assume that behavior continues until proven wrong. It could be more easily defined as “a leopard does not change his spots”, but it might not totally be fair.

I have a doubt that the Birds will make a significant acquisition at the trade deadline because they have a history of not making such moves under the watch of owner Peter Angelos. Perhaps the last time the O’s made a significant trade deadline acquisition was when they dealt P Jimmy Haynes to the Oakland Athletics for RF/DH Geronimo Berroa in 1997.

Wait…that CAN’T be right. Can it?

It’s not totally fair for me to go down the “a leopard does not change his spots” road with this team because new General Manager Dan Duquette has never been in this position. Even if the Orioles have shown the propensity to be sellers more frequently than buyers over the years, Duquette hasn’t had the chance to show whether or not deadline deals are a possibility during his tenure in Charm City.

There are certainly other reasons why the Orioles might not add a major piece before August. As rumors/reports swirled last week about the team’s interest in Chicago Cubs OF Alfonso Soriano and P’s Matt Garza & Ryan Dempster, we received a painful reminder that the organization simply does not have an overwhelming amount of young talent at its disposal with which to use as bait. The organization’s most valuable commodities (P Dylan Bundy and INF Manny Machado) are players so highly regarded it’s hard to imagine a willingness to discuss their availability. Other young INF’s (Jonathan Schoop, Nick Delmonico and Jason Esposito) as well as P’s (Parker Bidwell, Mike Wright, Bobby Bundy and Oliver Drake) seem unlikely to net a player of significant consequence.

With these topics swirling, Duquette fielded questions from season ticket holders at the annual “State of the Team” event Saturday at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. When asked about the immediate future of the 2012 Orioles, Duquette delivered a line (according to the Baltimore Sun) that would easily draw roaring applause and look pretty in headlines everywhere.

“We are in contention, so we are going to do whatever we can to make the playoffs.”

Bravo sir. Bravo.

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