Your Monday Reality Check-The Only Word I Can Think Of Is Embarrassment

April 02, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Despite a couple of you who really struggled with the idea of “having fun”, Drew Forrester and I managed to pull off a semi-decent April Fools’ Day prank Sunday.

(Did you miss it? Check my personal Facebook page by searching for “Glenn Clark” and adding the guy who is “Zaching” or check my personal Twitter @GlennClarkWNST for the details. But to make sure we’re clear, Drew and I are NOT leaving WNST. You could probably tell that by )

It was a fun Sunday for those who were able to chuckle about it. For the gang over at CBS Radio Baltimore-I could sense they were in a bit of a panic.

One CBS Radio Baltimore (they operate our “competitor” 105.7 The Fan by the way) employee was particularly panicked about the whole gag, using it as an opportunity to take personal shots at members of our company. It’s not surprising and really doesn’t bother me that much. It just served as a nice reminder (or “Reality Check” if you will) about the differences between “us” and “them”.

Here at WNST this week we’re not going to be particularly busy worrying about our competitors. Not that we’re always this way, but we have some much more pressing issues to deal with this week.

This week we’re going to do what the gang at CBS absolutely does not have the cojones to do.

We’re going to stand up to the Baltimore Orioles and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

There’s some great symbolism to the various events we’re going to do here at WNST this week.

You see, on Monday night we’ll be at Bill Bateman’s in Perry Hall hanging out with Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco. It’s easy to imagine that every fire code in Baltimore County will be violated by our event. On Thursday night, we’re gathering by the Brooks Robinson statue downtown to mark the start of the Birds’ season with a “Free The Birds” candlelight vigil. In all honesty, I’m particularly worried that there will only be a few of us hanging out as the O’s tend to elicit nothing more than apathy here in Charm City.

The Ravens haven’t played a game since January and we’re worried about having enough security for Monday night’s event. The Orioles play their first game Friday and we’re worried about tumbleweeds Thursday night.

I think Ian Eagle would describe this as “not a low blow, but just a fact.”

Of course I’m not leaving WNST. Part of the reason why I’m grateful for every day I have with the company is because I get to say and do the right thing this week. I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel about myself if I had to spend the week discussing “hope for the future” or something about how we should just celebrate the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards and not be too hard on the team that gave us such an iconic part of the Inner Harbor.

I don’t know that I could do it.

Some will think of it as “Bashing Barbaro” week around here (I’ll just let you think about that one), but we’re not going to stop telling it like it is when it comes to the Orioles. In the spirit of equine conversation, theirs is a “horses***” organization.

Cue Ian Eagle again.

Theirs is an organization that will once again force it’s own fans to suffer through the embarrassment of six months of meaningless and mostly terrible baseball. They’ll continue to spit in the collective faces of the people of our city and they’ll do so without much in the way of concern. I’d keep telling you about it but the fact is…you’re already aware.

I’m going to be a part of Free The Birds this week because Opening Day is a reminder of the embarrassment that comes with being a Baltimore Orioles fan.

I’m rarely embarrassed as a Baltimore Ravens fan. I’m only sometimes embarrassed as a Maryland Terrapins fan. I’m almost always embarrassed as a Baltimore Orioles fan.

That’s why I’m going to grab a candle and wander down to the statue Thursday night. What a fitting place to recognize the embarrassment of being an Orioles fan…the statue that the organization refused to support recognizing one of their greatest players in franchise history.

How many times have I put the word “embarrassment” in this column already?

I’m going to stand up and be counted. I’m not going to allow the message to be mixed. I’m not going to simply say something along the lines of “this isn’t that big of a deal” or “I just don’t really care all that much about Orioles baseball.”

I care a LOT about the Baltimore Orioles. I just simply can’t stomach the state my relationship with them. I have to do something.

Thursday night will be my counseling. I’ve tried talking to them about it and they’ve ignored me. I can’t leave our relationship because my love for them is too strong. Gathering with other battered and bruised fans is about the only recourse I have at this point.

I hope to talk openly about how I’ve been mistreated by the Orioles Thursday night. I hope that you as a fan will do the same thing.

This is why we exist as a local sports media organization. There are people in this town who won’t stand up to the Orioles because they really DON’T care. They DON’T have the stories you and I do. They AREN’T staring at a framed autographed Brooks Robinson print hanging above their TV as they type like I am. They have no reason to fight back because the fight is meaningless to them.

It isn’t meaningless to me. I’m going to fight. I’m sick of being embarrassed year in and year out.

I hope you’ll join me.