Your Monday Reality Check: Unlike would-be assailants, Buck rises above fray

June 24, 2013 | Glenn Clark

There are a few of you who I’m assuming were forced to find a new baseball team to root for Sunday night.

Actually, I’m probably speaking to a smaller audience as many of you jumped ship to become fans of the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees or Washington Nationals or some other team.

No? So you’re telling me you don’t know ANYONE who posted something on Saturday night saying something along the lines of “If the Orioles don’t put one in Jose Bautista’s ear Sunday I’ll lose all respect for Buck Showalter and stop rooting for them”?

I’m not talking about a large group of people who suggested they would swear off the team. There were certainly a few, and many more who suggested they would lose respect for the skipper even if they didn’t stop rooting for the team.

The Baltimore Orioles were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend, a disappointing series outcome even against a red hot Jays team that has now won 11 straight games. In Saturday’s 4-2 loss, Jose Bautista hit a tie-breaking two run bomb in the 8th inning. As he rounded third base, Bautista offered the following gesture to Birds reliever Darren O’Day…

It was immediately pointed out by many that O’Day had been a bit animated himself Friday night when he recorded a big seventh inning strikeout of Bautista in the Birds’ 7-6 loss. However quite a few Birds fans (clearly frustrated by seeing the bullpen falter for the second consecutive evening) took to social media to suggest Bautista’s gesture fell into the area of baseball’s “unwritten rules” and meant an O’s pitcher might need to go head hunting Sunday.

I immediately responded to those thoughts with a post at the Facebook page Saturday afternoon…

I would share the responses to my post, but they aren’t particularly family friendly. I mean, am I even allowed to share “Go Fist Yourself” as one particularly deranged commenter suggested I do?

Multiple posts suggested I was unaware of baseball’s “unwritten rules” and therefore incapable of doing my job. Those people (of course) couldn’t be further from being accurate. Not only am I aware of the “unwritten rules”, I through a high-five the day Maxim shredded them because I know them well enough to absolutely detest them.

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  1. Chris Says:

    I agree. Headhunting is really stupid and I believe it will lead to a day when someone gets killed or suffers a truly debilitating brain injury. To be honest, there was nothing wrong with Oday briefly celebrating a big strikeout and there’s also nothing wrong with the batter then “getting him back” by hitting a big go ahead homer. It’s just sports. People need to chill. In fact I think the punishment should be an immediate 15 game suspension for position players and relievers and a minimum of 3 starts for starting pitchers. I think that would get the message across.

  2. J Says:

    Bautista deserved to be thrown at, not the head but yes a message pitch. The MLB tonight had a good piece on this it showed how many times Mr ped Bautista flipped his bat after a HR early in the game. he is a showboat. so when Darren Pumped his fist after a big K late in the Game Jose asked what did he say and that was what started it, he did not say anything. so to run your mouth like he id after a HR he deserved to be thrown at he is a moran and a cheat.

  3. Dave Says:

    The best way to retaliate is to win games. I think the Orioles already handle Bautista pretty well- they’ve been throwing inside to him regularly since the beginning of last season. That’s fine- make him uncomfortable, brush him off the plate, etc. If he gets hit by a pitch while we’re doing that, so be it. That’s part of baseball. Happened to Nick Markakis. He wasn’t the first guy who that has happened to, and he certainly isn’t going to be the last. Deliberately throwing at or even near someone’s head does not belong in the game of baseball.

    While Bautista’s (and while we’re at it, David Ortiz’s as well) constant pimping of home runs has no part in baseball, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  4. raz_la Says:

    Beanball pitchers = cowards

    ALL pitchers should bat……….screw the DH

    Chris is right…….15 games for position players and a minimum of 3 starts for pitchers…….I say 5

  5. BK Says:

    Funny the comments by Andy on Facebook are from a ‘Baptist Church School’. Ahhh, religion at its finest. It is OK to do and say whatever you want because you are ‘religious’. I wonder if he realizes you can listen to WNST anywhere in the world, not just Towson? Although there is debate as to if the great Glen Burnie is still part of the real world, lol.

    Throwing intentionally at a batter is just plain a sin (I mean wrong) and especially if it is above the waste. No need for it to be in baseball along with several other things. History is no reason to justify doing anything. Take Hitler, the Crusades, slavery, etc, as prime examples.

  6. PghSteve Says:

    Wonder how some of these fans in favor of throwing at a batter would feel next November if Ray Rice’s knees were taken out by an opposing linebacker after Mr. Rice made some gesture after a big run? Part of the game? Intentionally injuring someone is not part of a game, it is assault. And a player does not need to take a ball in the head to be injured; just ask Mr. Markakis about getting hit on the hand/wrist.

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