You’ve heard of 4 corners?

August 25, 2008 | Drew Forrester

I usually reserve Monday for “19 points to ponder”, but I’m introducing a new blog topic today that will appear at various points…

It’s called “Four Corners”. I don’t know why, except that I have four topics and I’m going to present them to you in a nice, neat package. Sort of like a box…with Four Corners. (Don’t ask me…the creative people are off today and I had to come up with this stuff myself.)

Here you go, then:

In corner #1, it’s Dave Trembley. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this guy is so angry. Yesterday after the game, he instructed the press that was gathered to provide “educated questions”. Then, when someone asked him one (about Cabrera’s health…) he begged off on it. Finally, when a guy with a credential lobbed him a softball about Dennis Sarfate, Trembley answered THAT one.

Is DT’s contract status still up in the air? If so, I can see where he might be a tad miffed. I’m assuming by now that Andy MacPhail has given him the *wink, wink* and Trembley knows he’s back for ’09. So why all the caustic post-game tongue lashings for the media?

I don’t get it.

In corner #2, shockingly, it’s Troy Smith. Some of you have labeled me harsh for saying that Smith “bailed out” of Saturday’s game with the Rams. Some of you have labeled me wrong for insinuating he wasn’t really sick on Saturday. There’s where YOU’RE wrong. I never once wrote or said he wasn’t ill. I’m quite sure he was. From the moment word fluttered out that he was going to miss the game with “flu-like symptoms”, I merely wondered aloud how a guy fighting for the starting QB job could let “flu-like symptoms” keep him from playing in a game. Now, two full days later, word emerges Smith has some sort of highly-contagious bacterial infection involving his tonsils. In that case, it was a good thing he DIDN’T play on Saturday.

“Flu-like symptoms” on Saturday and “highly contagious bacterial infection” on Monday are two totally different things. I had “flu-like symptoms” last Wednesday and Thursday, actually, but I worked. Fortunately, it wasn’t a tonsils-related condition.

I will continue to say, however, that I don’t think Troy Smith has shown enough in pre-season to warrant being named the team’s starter for September 7. He’s only had 60 or so snaps in two games so far. Hardly enough for me to give him the starter’s jacket.

He might play this Thursday and show himself well and then he’ll be right back in the mix. If he doesn’t play Thursday, they can’t possibly start him on September 7. Or can they?

Over in corner #3, it’s Sean Schaefer and the Towson University Tigers, who kick off their season this Saturday at Nayy. It’s Towson’s first-ever foray into “big-time” college football and Annapolis provides the perfect backdrop for Gordy Combs and the Tigers to make a name for themselves against the Midshipmen. Led by the nation’s #1 ranked quarterback (Schaefer), the Tigers just might give Navy a run for their money if the O-line gives #13 time to throw the ball on Saturday.

Towson football needs a marquee win to not only give the program momentum for this year, but help with recruiting efforts down the road. Beating Navy…in their stadium…well, consider that two birds killed with one stone.

One thing for sure…Towson football will be exciting this year and Schaefer could be on the verge of being this year’s Joe Flacco in the CAA if he follows through on what should be a productive senior year. Oh, yeah, don’t forget, you can listen to every Towson football game on WNST this year.

And finally, our final corner has the aforementioned Flacco standing there…looking like a guy brimming with confidence after his full-game action in St. Louis on Saturday. I’ve received a bunch of e-mails about Flacco today – mostly positive, but a few that were negative. For some reason, people can’t get off of this Delaware kick, as in, “if he was that good, he wouldn’t have been at Delaware playing Division 1 AA football”.

Let me explain it to you like this: Let’s create a mythical college football scenario in which all college players play FOUR years and then, following their senior year, there’s a one-year SUPER LEAGUE for college players who can go anywhere in the country and play for any team that recruits them. Got it? Flacco, for example, would be playing somewhere THIS YEAR, in the “Super League” for any D1 school that wanted him.

Well? Where would he be? Florida? Maybe. USC? Perhaps. Ohio State? Sure, that’s possible. Texas? Why not?

In other words, Joe Flacco would be playing at a Top 10 school this year in his final year — in the college “Super League”.

He just happened to land at Delaware for his junior and senior years, but he’s truly NOT a quarterback who was limited to excelling in the CAA.

Flacco had a reasonably good night on Saturday in St. Louis. I’m not ready to give him the starting job with the Ravens yet because I’ve never, ever, ever put a lot of stock in the pre-season, 3rd game or not. He’s taken 100 snaps as a professional and not one of those has really mattered yet.

I think he’s going to be a good QB in the league and I have my fingers crossed that the Ravens might have finally found that legit leader they’ve been searching for since, well, forever.

For now, though, I say let Boller and Smith continue to fight it out and see what they offer us.

Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of Sundays in the future to see what Joe Flacco has to offer and I have a feeling we’re going to like it.