10 questions with Ravens rookie wide receiver Marcus Smith

June 24, 2008 |

Here is a thing that I will be doing with the Ravens players throughout the season. We all know about them as the football players, but let’s find out about them off the field. 

Here is the first installment of 10 questions, with Ravens rookie wide receiver Marcus Smith:
  1. Favorite Movie of all time? 300 
  1. Favorite Actor?Will Smith
  1. Dream Date? Jessica Alba
  1. CD you can not stop listening to? Tha Carter III – Lil Wayne
  1. Music people would be surprised to find on your Ipod?  Kenny Chesney’s Greatest Hits
  1. Favorite athlete growing up? Ray Lewis
7. If you could be any athlete for a day, who would it be? Ray Lewis
  1. First concert ever attended? Lil Bow Wow and Chris Brown
  1. Who would win a fight between, Batman, Superman, and Hulk? Superman
10. Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, or Lucky Charms? Fruity Pebbles