49ers safety Goldson always credited Flacco as strong quarterback

January 28, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on when he knew things were turning around for the better) “As far as getting to this point, I didn’t know that things would get this good, but when I signed back during training camp and came back from being on the street for a little bit, training camp started a little late and the energy level was a little different and the philosophy was a little different. The energy in the guys was a little different than in years before.”

(on how the philosophy was different) “It was just how we approached things as far as practice and how we are going to approach the football field every day. It was just a different energy.”

(on the phrase that he ‘gets fresher under pressure’) “It just means that through all of the circumstances, and all of the stuff that we face, there is a lot of pressure throughout the season. A lot of people picked other teams to win the games and we happen to come out on top. They try to put a lot on us and I felt that we overcame a lot this season. I kind of got it from one of my buddies back in college.”

(on if he is concerned about the pressure of this big stage) “Not at all. It comes with the territory. I’m sure a lot of people face this, but it’s new to a lot of players, especially me. I am just looking forward to this football game and wining.”

(on if they were feeling the pressure against the Falcons down 17 points) “To be honest with you, we were down and we understood that. As far as feeling any pressure, the energy and the belief were still there when we talked, especially when we went in at halftime and it wasn’t like a lot of people were panicking. We just had to polish up some things that we needed to get tightened up and we came out and shut them down in the second half.”

(on if the flight here was like any other or different) “It was a little different. We were on a 747 so it was a little different.”

(on when they started talking about making it to the Super Bowl) “When we had that bye week, we were still approaching it one game at a time, but we got that win against Green Bay and then we had a tough challenge against the Atlanta Falcons. That’s when everyone felt that if we can get past this one then we can get there. If we do what we have to do then we can get to the Super Bowl. This team never looked past anybody for the most part. We were always one game at a time.”

(on if they approach this week like the week they take at Youngstown the last two years) “Most definitely. We have to. We will be out here for a week, so we will approach it that way. Get accustomed to where we are at and our environment and practice in a different facility. We will just have to adapt. We have been in this situation before so it’s a little comfortable.”

(on if they can focus more on football because they are around teammates 24 hours each day) “I’m sure Coach (Jim) Harbaugh will make sure that we stay on task. The only thing that will be different is the media. There are a lot of things going on around here, but it will be strictly football.”

(on what stands out when watching the Ravens) “The team is a pretty good football team. They are a physical team that reminds me of ourselves a little bit. They do a good job of running the football and setting up the pass. Their quarterback has a strong arm. You can’t allow those guys behind us. They have a good deep threat with those receivers, so there are defiantly a lot of things to get done.”

(on what Randy Moss has taught him and the secondary) “Just his work ethic. This is a guy that has been in the league for so long and yet he still he is still out here competing at the highest level. He will take some of the guys like myself and T-Brown (Tarell Brown) and some of the guys will work with him on releases. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. He wants to help us out in the secondary and he wants to do a good job. He is good at picking up things on the sideline on gamedays. He will see something out there and he will come to our bench and let us know that this is what’s happening or this is what they are doing. It’s good to head from a guy like that. He has been in the league for a while and played wide receiver position so he knows lots of ins and outs.”

(on describing this secondary) “There is a lot of want to. Guys want to make plays, we want to make our tackles, we want to win, and we want to compete. There is a lot of want to in our secondary.”

(on the defense not playing as well down the stretch) “I think we played well. I just think some teams that faced us did a good job of some things and it cost us a little bit. Overall I think we played well as a defense and as a secondary.”

(on if he recalls the dominant teams of San Francisco 49ers in the 80’s and 90’s) “Just little snippets of it. I wasn’t really in tune when they were out there killing people, but I definitely know about Ricky Watters out there and Garrison Hearst. I know a couple of snippets but not so much.”

(on if it is surprising that it has taken 18 years for the 49ers to get back to the Super Bowl) “I haven’t ever looked at it like that to be honest with you. It’s good and I am glad to be a part of the team that brings it back after 18 years. I think that says a lot.”

(on if he is the hardest hitting safety in the league and how it feels to hit hard) “So they say… It feels good to hit but it feels better when they get back up because I’m never trying to kill nobody. At the same time I definitely want to make my presence felt.”

(on how Coach Harbaugh coaches when things are going well and how he motivates players) “He gives credit where credit is due. He does a good job with motivation and keeping guys up and all of that. He doesn’t get down on players or anything like that … Just be showing us that you gain confidence by previous success. He brings up things when we watch highlights or just complementing on your game and things like that.”

(on where the Ravens’ offense has made the biggest strides this year and Joe Flacco) “He has done a good job for their football team. I know there was a lot of talks and a lot of criticism about him, but I have always thought he was a good quarterback personally. He does a good job of getting the chains moving, getting first downs, and extending plays. I was watching film earlier today on the plane and I saw him make a play with the running back. It was like a screen play and the running back had a defender on him but he slipped through and he threw it back. He extends plays and does a good job of that. He is definitely a good football player.”

(on what he has been to expect about this week) “I really didn’t ask anybody too much about what to expect. I kind of wanted to experience it for myself. I know we have a couple of guys who have been in this situation with Jonathon Goodwin and Randy Moss, but I wanted to kind of take it upon myself to experience it.”

(on if the Youngstown trip helps) “I definitely think it helps. We have been away from home for a while before and I think this will be a challenge but at the same time I think we understand how to control it.”

(on his memories of Ray Lewis growing up) “Just the excitement that he brought to the game and his energy is unbelievable. He is one of the icons and he is going to be a legend of this game. I can’t express the amount of impact that he has made on a lot of guys just as a football player. I haven’t met him off the field, but by watching him I can tell that his energy and his will to win is tremendous.”

(on Patrick Willis’ influence on him) “Just watching his work ethic coming in, we both came in together but his work ethic is unbelievable as a young guy. That’s why he made six straight Pro Bowls. There is no mistake about that. It’s no secret why he has gotten to that point. I see him work every day since I have been in the league. The way he comes in early in the morning, before anybody gets there, he is working out. He practices like he is playing in a football game, his communication and his leadership and all of the above.