8 is more than 5

April 20, 2010 | John West

Why the Ravens have to trade down?

The Ravens have overall picks 25, 56, 154, 155 and 196.  5 PICKS!  That isn’t nearly enough.  This team has fueled its success through the draft.  You can not continue to do that with 5 picks in a draft.  Most draft experts, and the general consensus coming out of Ravens camp, is that this is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory.  Some are saying the deepest since 1983.  The Ravens want, and NEED, to be a bigger part of this draft.  There are several options available to the Ravens to acquire more picks.

Trade G/C Chris Chester.  The Ravens put a compensatory value on him of a third round draft pick.  They used a late second round pick to draft him several years ago.  He has a lot a value in that he can play, and start, at 3 interior offensive line positions.  I like him on our team, but his value is pretty high and there might be some teams that want him.  Lets find out.

Trade T Jared Gaither.  The Ravens put a compensatory value on him of a first round draft pick.  They used a fifth round pick to draft him several years ago.  He is our starting left tackle and is very young.  Why not trade him for more picks?  The Ravens appear concerned about his work ethic and his history of injury.  When I see him play, I think the Ravens have to potential for the best tackle combination in the game, with Michael Oher on the other side.  But, if a team wants to give the Ravens a late first, or a second, or a combination of a second and a later pick, I think the Ravens would entertain this option.  I only like this option with either multiple picks or a late first, and I am doubtful this will happen, but lets find out.

Trade down from 25.  Maybe even twice.  They could trade down into the top of the second, and gain a third as well.  Then, with the pick in the top of the second round, they could trade down in round two for another second and another third.  This would give the Ravens 2 late second round picks, they already have pick 56, and 2 third round picks, they currently have 0 third round picks.  This option would give the Ravens a total of 8 picks.  That’s a much better number.

I don’t suggest that the Ravens do all 3 of these things.  I am strongly suggesting they trade down.  If they don’t, I hope they trade one of their offensive lineman.  If they don’t, and they stick with 5 picks, they better not miss at all, and that’s really hard to do.