#85 Makes A-List

November 10, 2009 | Tom Federline

Like him or dislike him, Chad Johnson, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, makes a difference. This past Sunday, Chad (I still will not acknowledge his “new” last name) Johnson, Mr. Gold Grill Teeth, Mr. Somebody please deck him, escalated himself to star status on this “Old Schoolers” A- List. And what did it? Come on, you know……..The “Dollar Bill Bribe”

 That move, at that time, in those circumstances ladies and gentlemen, was a classic! He is on national television, he’s carrying a $1 dollar bill on the playing field, walking with a ref, during a “review”, that directly involved him and whether he had come down in bounds or not. It was almost to good to be true. I loved it! You go Chad Johnson:

You may not agree with his antics, you may not agree with his ways and means, I know I didn’t. But the man is due credit for stirring the pot. Let alone he has schooled the Ravens secondary, along with many other teams, the guy has talent, the guy can take a hit. When he got up from the Ray hit during the first game this year, I gave him props. When he e-mailed Roger Goodell (not that it would make a difference), but asking him not to fine Ray, because they were simply playing football, I gave him props again. And then there was “The Bribe”. Chad “The Joker” – (Steve Miller Band) Johnson, gained a spot on my “A-List”. The A-List consists of people who have the guts enough to put themselves out there, take the hits, take the criticism, and keep on ticking. It is not a very long list. But a very prominent list.

Thank you Chad Johnson. Thank you for ticking me off, thank you for your goofs, thank you for backing up your talk, thank you for laying it out there and thank you for exposing what everybody is thinking or should be thinking anyway. Thank you for making a difference in the No Fun League. “The Fix” is getting closer and closer.