A chance to say “we want to be heard”

December 01, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Talk about a perfect storm.

Ravens at 8-4.  Redskins – after another gag-job at FedEx Field – come in to Baltimore at 7-5 with one more loss all but extinguishing any of their post-season hopes.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the Ravens did that to the Redskins on Sunday?  HA HA

The perfect storm also gives Baltimore an opportunity that will NEVER, EVER come again.

Let me repeat (or, rewrite) that:  Baltimore has an opportunity that will NEVER, EVER come again.

This Sunday night, on national TV, Baltimore football fans have the chance to be heard.  Ravens fans have the chance to help Art Modell gain entry into the NFL Hall of Fame.

This chance comes around once.  December 7, 2008.

I say this:  Everyone in the stadium, all 70,000 of you, stand up at the start of the second quarter, as the teams are coming back onto the field…and chant “IN-DUCT ART, IN-DUCT ART” for 30 seconds.  30 seconds straight.  As loud as you can.

Doing it at the start of the second quarter is important.  We can’t organize this for between the quarters because NBC will be away at commercial.  We WANT the TV cameras and announcing team to be forced to deal with it.  Yes, if the Ravens have the ball to start the second quarter, it could potentially interrupt what they’re doing for a few seconds.  Somehow, I think (*wink, *wink), the team will be aware of our second quarter plans and can act accordingly.  If the Redskins have the ball, all the better.

But, for 30 seconds, at the start of the second quarter, let’s stand in unison and chant “IN-DUCT ART!” at the top of our lungs.

I want to hear what Al Michaels and John Madden have to say about “those crazy Baltimore fans…” and I want to hear what they have to say about Arthur B. Modell.

The list of finalists for the 2008 Hall of Fame induction gets sliced from 25 to 15 on December 17.  There’s not much time to make an impact.  We have two home games to rally – and the December 7 nationally televised game will be watched by EVERYONE involved with football in America.

Every person “in the room” who has a Hall of Fame vote will most likely be watching that game on Sunday night.  What better way to reach out to them?  As if there’s any other way, right?

There will be people (even some at the game on Sunday night, in purple, who own PSL’s) who think Modell was wrong for moving the team from Cleveland to Baltimore in November of 1995.  There are behind-the-scene politics and other shady business dealings involving EVERY owner in the NFL and the league itself…they go on every single day.  Modell’s situation was public, which makes it much easier to criticize if you’re of the mindset he shouldn’t be honored by the league for moving the team out of Cleveland.

Modell, for those of you who are too jaded to admit, has had a MAJOR impact on the NFL as you know it today, from championship games and playoff scenarios to football on TV.  He was a pioneer in the league, period.

His body of work in the NFL speaks for itself.  I’m not going to launch into a full-scale review of what he’s done.  That’s all easily findable on the web or on the Facebook page dedicated to getting Modell into the Hall of Fame.

70,000 of you are going to the game on Sunday night and nearly every single one of you are going because of Art Modell.  And even the couple of thousand Redskins’ fans who are going to straggle in to see their team get hammered are there because of Modell too.

Fact: Football returned to Baltimore because of Art Modell.

If you can’t take this opportunity on Sunday night to take advantage of a perfect storm and STAND UP FOR ART at the beginning of the second quarter, then shame on you.

Stand up for 30 seconds at the start of the second quarter and chant in unison: “IN-DUCT ART, IN-DUCT ART”.

And make this message as viral as you can…almost every person reading this right now who is going to the game on Sunday is going with friends.  Make sure they know about the 2nd quarter chant.  Make sure they realize the importance of doing it at the start of the 2nd quarter when NBC is back “live” at M&T Bank Stadium.

We literally have 16 days to go hog-wild with this effort.

Sunday night is a perfect chance for two pieces of “hog-wild”.

Ravens bash the Redskins.

Baltimore stands up for Art Modell.

It’s going to be win-win.