A. Jones confident defense can do job against mobile Kaepernick

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on how his week has been) “It’s been a dream come true. Growing up as a kid, watching the NFL and watching Super Bowls, this is it. We’re living in the moment. We’re just excited to be here and we definitely want to take advantage of our situation and our opportunity. This stage isn’t too big for us. We’ve got great leadership. We’ve got Ray (Lewis), Ed Reed on defense and Joe Flacco on the offensive side of the ball. This stage isn’t too big. Guys are doing a great job of taking care of each other. Yesterday we had an awesome practice. I think we had one of our better practices that we’ve had from a defensive standpoint. We’re so excited about our game plan that we can’t wait to get to Sunday. Right now, it’s about staying poised and getting ready for Sunday and not playing the game on Thursday instead of Sunday.”


(on how the team has played in pressure-filled games) “I feel like our team has done a great job, us as a defensive line of causing pressure and getting after the pass. On the offensive side of the ball, (we’ve) matched quarterbacks. We’ve played against two great quarterbacks, and Colin Kaepernick is a great quarterback, too. I know Joe (Flacco) is ready to match points and put as many points on the board. We’re ready for this.”


(on if he has a lasting memory of a previous Super Bowl) “It’s been so many. I watch them year-in and year-out. Last year was a pretty good one.”


(on if his brothers Jon Jones and Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones are in New Orleans to attend the Super Bowl) “They’re already in town. Jon just flew in today, and Chandler has been here all week. I’m excited to see those guys. It’s going to be a good time.”


(on what Chandler thinks about it so far) “He’s excited for me. It’s been tough because I know he wanted to be in the big dance too, but he has a lot of time left. He’s going to let me have my moment.”


(on preparing for the running threat that Colin Kaepernick presents) “I don’t want to give up too much of our game plan, but it’s going to take everyone doing their job, everyone staying in their lanes and not trying to do too much. I feel like we’ve done a good job in the past, playing against RG III (Robert Griffin III) and Michael Vick. I’m really excited.”


(on the importance of stopping San Francisco running back Frank Gore) “That’s what it all comes down to: stopping that run. Frank Gore runs that offense. He’s a hard runner, and then they change it up a little with LaMichael James. It’s up to us up front to dominate the line of scrimmage upfront and stop the run.”