A mixed bag for C-Mac

February 16, 2009 |

I always thought that Chris McAlister got a bad rap on the field. Week after week, he went out there against the best receivers in the league. If he got beat, the first thing that you would hear in the stands would be fans cursing him out. People seemed to forget that the other team was trying, and that the receivers he was going up against were pretty good too.

Being on the same team with Ray Lewis, C-Mac always got overlooked. At times, I believe that all of the hype surrounding Ray got to McAlister. We remember the divided locker room a few years back.

Then there was C-Mac violating team rules by doing a number of off-the-field things, and that didn’t make his coaches very happy. No player is bigger than the team, and I am glad to see McAlister go. I believe that the coach is in charge, and if you can’t follow the team rules, go play somewhere else. McAlister will do that.

For the record, McAlister is a definite Ravens’ Ring of Honor guy. He was a big part of the great defenses the club had, and he was a top-three corner during his career here in Baltimore.

Now that C-Mac is gone, that frees up some money to help the Ravens pay the guys that are going to be the future of this team.