New Ravens C Shipley says Castillo is hardest working man on planet

May 10, 2013 | WNST Staff

Shipley on quickly becoming a fan favorite in Indy: “I think I approached the game the right way. I have a hard work ethic and I just took the whole “next man up” approach and when I got my chance I played really well and I think a lot of people thought I played better than the guy ahead of me. I just went about my business the right way and try to do the best things I can do to help the team win and I just went out and won a lot of the games that I was in.”

Shipley on his hometown being near Pittsburgh: “Yeah, it kinda seems that my parents might be the most hated people in Pittsburgh at this point. I grew up 5 minutes from the Pittsburgh airport. There was some point that I had a terrible towel in my house. Let’s just say that I’m on a team right now that is the most hated rival of the Pittsburgh Steelers, that’s my thinking. My parents, they are A.Q. Shipley fans. They’re not a Steelers fan, they’re not an anybody fan, they’re a fan of wherever I’m at.”

Shipley on if he has heard anything from Ravens on his role: “I think they brought me in to compete for a starting job. That’s the main thing. I started five games last year, played in another, I think it was nine, so I played in fifteen games last year. I made a pretty decent name for myself in this league for a little bit there last year and I think with Matt Birk retiring, it’s kind of an open job at center. I think that’s the reason they went after me a little bit. I played for Juan Castillo, who’s a familiar name now. I played for him in Philadelphia. There are a lot of familiar faces that I’m running into and that obviously bodes well. I’m here to start, that’s the whole reason why I came here. Obviously I didn’t have a choice but my mindset right now, they traded for me and I’m here to start games.”

Shipley on his response to possibly having to play multiple positions on the line: “I’m a team guy, I’m a hard-working guy. That was my role last year here. I’m willing to accept any role for this team, honestly. Do I think I’m good enough to be a starter in this league? No doubt about it. Do I want to be a starter? Absolutely. If it came to the point where I had to be the center or swing guard guy, which was the same thing I did here last year, I would be absolutely okay with that. But, in the same sense, I want to be the starter.”

Shipley on his shift to being a better offensive lineman: “It was 100% the opportunity. When I was coming out as a 7th round pick, I was an All-American coming out of college, I won the Rimington trophy. The big knock on me was my arm length. I think a lot of teams were hesitant to take me because of my arm length. I was fortunate enough last year to get that opportunity. I attribute a lot of that to coach [Harold] Goodwin, who is now with the Arizona Cardinals as the offensive coordinator. He kind of fought for me, he said “This guy can be a starter in this league, he can play.” I got that opportunity, and I went out and did the things I thought was capable of all this time. And I made a little name for myself. All I needed was an opportunity and I finally got that. So I’m ready to roll now.”

Shipley on what his first three years did for him to prepare him for opportunity: “To be honest with you, ever since I was coming out in college, from the time I was preparing for the draft process, I had kind of a chip on my shoulder. I was just kind of waiting for an opportunity, and I got it and took advantage of it. I got drafted by Pittsburgh and I learned a lot in that whole offense, I learned a lot playing against that defense, they’re a great defense, and the Ravens know that, they play against them every year. So I learned a lot playing against that defense every day. Then I went to Philadelphia and learned a lot, a lot a lot about the game, as a center, as an offensive lineman in general, from coach Castillo, who is now obviously in Baltimore. I learned a lot in the two games I spent with him. I just took all the stuff that I’ve learned, combined with that chip on my shoulder, and my work ethic, and just put it all together.”

Shipley on Juan Castillo: “If I could say one thing about Juan Castillo, he is the hardest working human being on this earth. Coming from Philadelphia, I think a lot of people that were against him as a coach…As an offensive line coach, I think Juan is very well respected in the Philadelphia area. When he went over to defense, obviously the defense didn’t perform as well as they’d hoped and they saw just a lack of production and he got a bad rap for it. As an offensive line coach, there aren’t many better than Juan. I’ve played with him and he honestly, he will work you as hard as he can and will do anything in his power to make you succeed as a person, as a player. That’s the kind of guy that you guys have in Baltimore.”

Shipley on knowledge of Ravens system due to Pagano: “I think so. I mean, I had a great relationship with coach Pagano. Everything that he stood for, everything he brought to the Indianapolis organization, is everything that I’m assuming was in the Baltimore organization. You only do as you know, and I think that’s kind of what he knew and what he brought to Indianapolis. I’m looking very much forward to getting to Baltimore, get to know the organization, get to know the people, the players, and know what everybody stands for and everything along those lines. I’m just very excited to get going with this opportunity.”

Shipley on a Joe Paterno memory: “Probably the best story I’ve got about him is when I was getting recruited and he came to my school. My high school coach played for NC State, 1967 was his senior year. In that year, they lost to Penn State on a goal line stand in the fourth quarter with like two minutes left. My high school coach, whenever he met with coach Paterno, would say, ‘Oh I played for NC State in 1967.’ Coach Paterno was like ‘Yeah, I remember that.’ And as Paterno was talking, he said, ‘Oh we ran this play on first down, this play second down, this play third down. And then on fourth down, we came with this play and stopped you guys on fourth and one.’ He literally called out every exact play. It had been 45 years since then and he remembered it call for call.”

Shipley on Penn State following in Maryland: “I hope so. I’ve gotten tons of messages, tons of replies, even in Indianapolis, if it’s Baltimore or Penn State, I got a ton of awesome warm welcomes and I’m looking forward to it. I talked to my old defensive coordinator, Tom Bradley, and he told me it’s an awesome following for Penn State down in the Baltimore area. I’m looking forward to getting in there, the Penn State crew, the Baltimore crew, I’m just looking forward to getting down there, and get it going with the whole Baltimore area.”