A win at Miami and a Tuesday top 7

October 21, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Time for our weekly edition of the Tuesday Top 7 where I highlight the best 7 performances from Sunday’s win over Miami.  The year-to-date point totals are at the bottom of the blog.

#7…Jared Gaither – Hard to not have him on the list again after another stellar effort at OT.  The Ravens rushed for over 100 yards again and they allowed only one REAL sack (the other two were considered “coverage sacks”) on Joe Flacco.  Not a Pro Bowler yet, but he’ll see Hawaii one of these days if he keeps up this level of play.

#6…Sam Koch – Only punted three times but they were all big-time boots.  He averaged 59 yards per kick and all three of them ended up inside the Dolphins 20, including the back-breaking kick in the 4th quarter that pinned Miami deep in their own territory.

#5…Derrick Mason – Let’s see, what DIDN’T Mason do?  Catches?  Yep, 6 of them.  Yards?  Sure, 87 of them.  TD’s?  Yep, one of those, too.  In a league full of big-mouth, “look at what I can do” wide-outs, Mason has quietly established himself as a legit Pro-Bowl candidate six games into the season. 

#4…Terrell Suggs – Had a great game with a pick for a TD, 7 tackles and a sack.  Also had a major hand in shutting down that listless “Wildcat Offense”…don’t look now, but he’s earning that $8.4 million.

#3…Ray Lewis – Speaking of Pro-Bowl visits, Ray would like a room on the 24th floor at the Honolulu Hyatt please…and make sure he has a nice view of the beach down below.  10 tackles, 9 of them solo, and another game where #52 led by example instead of yappin’. 

#2…Joe Flacco – His best game as a pro, going 17 for 23 with a TD pass, no turnovers and an obvious affection for the no-huddle offense.  Coming off of his WORST game (at Indy), his performance at Miami showed that a bad game isn’t going to ruin him for weeks at a time.

#1…Willis McGahee – I’ll excuse his fumble…he was merely trying to get to the end zone and the Miami defensive player “made a play”…other than that, McGahee’s performance was nearly flawless.  Ran for 105 yards, found the open hole, surged through it and, for the most part, looked a little bit like the McGahee of old at times.  Fitness and health are still a question mark, but for one Sunday afternoon in Miami, Willis earned his paycheck with 19 carries and 2 catches (for 47 yards) for a 150-yard afternoon.

Point totals through 6 games —

7. Jared Gaither — 12 points

6. Jarrett Johnson – 13 points

5. Terrell Suggs – 14 points

4. Le’Ron McClain – 15 points

3. Joe Flacco – 16 points

    Derrick Mason – 16 points

1. Ray Lewis – 18 points