Almost a Perfect Sports Sunday

January 11, 2011 | Tom Federline

The Ravens held up their end. The Terps Bball team almost pulled off the upset. Pleasantly surprised on both ends. Expected the Ravens win, but watching the Ravens this year has not been good for the blood pressure. What team is going to show up and why aren’t they dominating the offensive side of the ball? Expected a Terps trouncing by 14-0, #1 Duke. Hoped they would not be embarrassed. Well those Terpies not only held their own, but with a few more made free throws and some missed 3’s by that Singler cat, Terps could have pulled off first NCAA shock of the year. All in all, not a bad Sunday. Ravens roll in the second half, then the Terps almost  had the walls at Cameron come “Crumblin’ Down” – (John Cougar).

Ravens – it wasn’t pretty. Do you all remember the half time score? Yep, the Ravens dominated the stats in the first half. Score Ravens 10 – Chiefs 7. How did you all feel after that first drive of the game? First and goal from the 1/2 yard line = 3 points. Oh yeah, I’m sure 90% of you saw that second half domination coming. Yeah right. It was nice from the Ravens end, but that game turned ugly quick. The Chiefs resorted to a minor league, street league, cheap shot fest. Ravens survived and kicked their butt. 

Two big stops slowed the Chiefs down. 1. Ed Reeds best tackle in 3 years. Did you all hear that “crunch” from KC like I did? And second, the fourth and 1 drop for a loss, pretty much diminished whatever wind the Chiefs had managed to set sail on. Ravens won the turnover battle big time. Heck, Nakamura even had one and gave it back. HEEEEap saved the day and Boldin was finally used. Sure would be nice if they could keep that momentum going  through Pittsburgh. Throw the ball with Flacco running show = Ravens win. I cannot bring myself to root for the Jets. But it sure would be nice to have a home game for the AFC Championship.

Terps – did not win but they rocked Cameron and #1 ranked Duke. There were actual moments when the place was hushed. Did you all see Krzyzewski lose it at the start of the second half? Have you ever seen that before? Terps were beating them and were not going away easy. I was sitting there (well actually laying)  and the Terps would not let me go to sleep. I welcomed it! Jordan Williams and Cliff Tucker were in a refuse to lose mode. Another double/double for the big young man from Connecticut. Sure hope he stays, but this may be it for Jordan Williams. Catch him while you can.

The Terps performance was commendable. The Dukies were giving them the game, they just couldn’t get over the hump. Terps needed just needed one more scorer…………and there he was……… Greivis Vasquez! Greivis was sitting in the crowd behind the bench, amongst a sea of puke blue, while donning a red and white Maryland shirt. Greivis is playing on the Memphis Grizzlies and their next game was in Charlotte. That was just a cool move……going back into the “Blue Devils” Den, to support your alma mater, fellow teammates and coach. It was a game up until 3 minutes left. That seven point surge, gaining the lead at the beginning of the second half and then seeing Coach K lose it, was priceless.

Well, guess what happens this Saturday? We get a chance for a Perfect Sports Saturday. We have Terps first this time. Terps play at 1:00 vs. Villanova (ranked #7). Villanova, even at #7, just doesn’t have the same fervor as ACC rival Duke. Now, what hype may be lacking from the bball game is more than made up for with Ravens/Steelers at 4:30. That’s just a wow, with big-time potential. The potential of a Ravens blow-out, a Steelers blow-out, or more than likely, a 20-17 (pick ’em). You may have to buckle the seat belts for this one. Who is going to survive, may be more in line, than who is going to win. Either way sports fans, I’d clear your Saturday afternoon/early evening and then late evening, if Ravens win. Go Terps. Go Ravens.