And now the ‘McNair is done’ cry begins…

September 18, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Poor Steve McNair.  I hope he doesn’t listen to talk radio.  I’m certainly glad he doesn’t have access to the e-mails I’ve received today.

“McNair is done.” — “McNair has played poorly three games in a row.” — “Everyone can see it, McNair doesn’t have it anymore.”

I either read or heard all of those comments today.

The one that makes me wee-wee in my pants (sorry, when you have a 6-week old, “wee-wee” becomes a common phrase) is the “McNair has played poorly three games in a row.”

Really?  How’s that possible, the team has only played one game this season.

Oh, you mean you’re going to go back to the final regular season game in ’06 and the home playoff game against the Colts and lump those two outings in with the obviously-poor opener in Cincy last week?  For the record, McNair was 23-35 for 216 yards in the (rainy) 19-7 win over Buffalo in the regular season finale.  I was at that game and yes, the team didn’t score an offensive TD (C-Mac’s interception return was the lone Ravens romp into paydirt), but I don’t remember McNair stinking up the joint so bad that we should all hold it against him 9 months later.  He wasn’t 11 for 29 for 123 yards and 3 picks.  23 of 35 for 216 (and one INT) hardly constitutes an “awful game”.

What about McNair’s two fine performances last December against Kansas City and Pittsburgh?  Don’t they count in your “evaluation”?  Why take just the last TWO games from the ’06 campaign?

Now, I will absolutely admit McNair’s poor play greatly contributed to that home playoff loss to the Colts.  But so did Todd Heap’s fumble in the first quarter.  So did Jamal’s inability to run the football well.  In a game of that magnitude, every mistake – even something as simple as an ill-timed illegal-motion penalty – helps turn the game around.  The Ravens made several of those “killer” mistakes in that Indy game and they all weren’t the responsibility of Steve McNair.

To bad it’s not Thanksgiving this week — I’d be forced to sit down at the dinner table and give thanks that some of you aren’t the team’s General Manager.  Wow.  “McNair’s done…just look at his last three games.”  Holy-Over-Exaggerating…

McNair’s imminent return to the lineup – most likely this Sunday against Arizona – puts him firmly in the spotlight with some of the faithful in Charm City.  In April of ’06, he arrived with great fanfare and a collective shout of “FINALLY!” from the die-hards who wanted to make Kyle Boller the goat, even when he had the great trio of Frank Sanders, Marcus Robinson and Patrick Johnson running around in the secondary dropping more balls than they caught.  McNair was the guy who was going to take us to “the next level.”  And, he nearly did, playing in all 16 regular season games a year ago, guiding the team to a 13-3 record, and then admittedly stumbling in the post-season defeat last January.

Only in Baltimore, perhaps, would a fan base clamoring for a QB controversy point to a regular season game last December as a method of exposing a player’s downward spiral.  Wait, I’m wrong on that one.  People in Baltimore still bring up Kyle Boller’s game in Denver three years ago, what am I thinking?

Some of you need a quick visit from the “Cleat of Relaxation”.  McNair will be fine.  Boller IS fine.  And the Ravens will be fine.