Another Sunday beatdown

September 22, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Two games, two wins and two AFC North rivals who didn’t show much heart and then left town with their tail between their legs.

Anyone see Kellen Winslow, Jr.? The team bus is waiting for him on the south side of M&T Bank Stadium.

Ray Lewis provided the hit (on Winslow) that not only sparked his team but sent the Browns scurrying for cover as the Baltimore defense stood tall and added a score of their own on an Ed Reed interception return.

It was another great day of team football in Baltimore.

Boy, I sure wish we had Derek Anderson, don’t you?

Our quarterback – in his second career game – once again outplayed THEIR quarterback – as Joe Flacco connected on 13 of 19 passes for 129 yards. He did throw a first half pick that was clearly on HIS watch (the other, a bizarre backyard flea-flicker thing, wasn’t) but it didn’t look like it fazed him one bit. On the other hand, Anderson looked petrified the whole game.

And for a guy who – according to his fan-detractors – doesn’t put an emphasis on drafting offensive lineman, Ozzie Newsome sure lucked his way into the “Fab Five”, eh? Jared Gaither, Adam Terry, Jason Brown, Ben Grubbs and Marshall Yanda had another good day collectively as the Ravens ran the ball for 151 yards and three TD’s.

And once again, for the second straight game, it was the Ravens’ OFFENSE that controlled the 4th quarter, keeping the ball for 9-plus minutes during a 14-play drive that ate up much of the clock in the final period.

Someone needs to remind Romeo Crennel that you can’t take the time outs with you. The Browns’ mastermind used exactly ZERO of his second-half timeouts.

Like the Bengals on opening week, the Browns didn’t show a whole lot of “corazon” once they fell behind. Maybe it was the Lewis blow-up of Winslow. Maybe it was Braylon Edwards being afraid to catch the ball. Perhaps it was Derek Anderson throwing the ball to the wrong team.

Whatever the case, the Browns offered very little once the second half rolled around.

Baltimore now takes its 2-0 mark into Pittsburgh for a Monday Night showdown with the Steelers. Pittsburgh lost today, 15-6 in Philly. That’s exactly 16 points the Steelers have scored in two road games this year, in case you’re counting. And Big Ben left the game in the 4th quarter with some kind of hand injury.

Hmmm…Byron Leftwich in as the starter? Going against that Ravens defense? With this new-look Ravens offense emphasizing ball control and a unique mixture of pass and run?

Can anyone smell 3-0?