Art belongs in

January 08, 2009 |

Those were the words of Ravens head coach John Harbaugh just moments after he had visited with Art Modell moments after Thursday’s afternoon practice. Coach Harbaugh spoke of the contributions that Art made to the NFL,”here is a guy that made contributions on about 4 or 5 fronts that were critical to the development of this league and what it is today. Coach Harbaugh went on to say there is, “no question in our mind that he should be in the Hall of Fame.”

Catching up with Art

When Art Modell is at the Ravens facility, Coach Harbaugh will go over to him and chat with him for a few minutes on his way to meet with the media. Coach Harbaugh talked about how the Modell family has been great to them every since Coach Harbaugh was hired. As far as what is talked about during those conversations after practice, Coach Harbaugh says they talk about several things,”some times he shares some observations that he has from a football perspective, other times it is just chatting. He is excited about the game.” Coach Harbaugh also added that Mr. Modell wanted to know about the injuries and how they look going into Saturday.

No worries about short week slip up

With the Ravens coming off of a game on Sunday and turning around and playing Saturday, the concern some have mentioned is a short week catching up with the team. Coach Harbaugh said today that he has gotten no indication of that,”just seems our guys don’t think that way, they don’t get involved in that, and of course it is such a big game so they are looking forward to playing.” 

Mangini to the North

With the Cleveland Browns announcing the hiring of Eric Mangini today to be their new football coach, Coach Harbaugh feels like it makes the division better,”he makes our division stronger, and we look forward to competing against him.”

There are rumors going around that  Mangini may be hiring Rex Ryan’s twin brother Rob Ryan to become the Browns defensive coordinator.

Browns looking to Ravens to fill GM position ?

With the Browns hiring Eric Mangini as the new head coach, the belief is that they will fill the void at General Manager soon. Lot’s of speculation is that Ravens Director of Pro Personnel George Kokinis is a very good candidate for that job. His ties to Mangini go back to the last days of the Browns in Cleveland before the move. Coach Harbaugh said today that if Kokinis was to leave, it would be “tough, and a disappointment.” Coach Harbaugh did say that it would be a good opportunity for Kokinis if he left.

Kokinis could interview as early as Sunday or Monday following the Ravens game versus the Titans on Saturday afternoon.

All signs good heading to Nashville

With today being the last practice before the teams has a walk thru and boards a plane tomorrow headed to Nashville, Coach Harbaugh was pleased with what he saw,” I thought  we were sharp, everyone is excited to play.”

As far as the state of the health of the team, Coach Harbaugh could not be happier,” we are healthy, amazingly healthy for the fact that we have turned it around so quickly.”