As we approach game time….

September 07, 2008 | Keith Melchior

I wonder….

how early will the first tailgaters be on site drinking their first of many, many frosty cold adult beverage?

how much will the public be gouged for parking in the local lots? Last I saw was $40 on Ostend St. Legalized rip-off artists..

why they allow train traffic on game days when they know the roads will be full of vehicles and fans?

how long will Mycheal Miller have to drag out the national anthem waiting for the fly-over?

will Ray do the squirrel dance when introduced last?

when will the first boos be heard? (hopefully never)

if section 513 will EVER be a Sun or Papa Johns special section?

when will Chad Johnson make a horse’s ass out of himself? (he already did when he changed his name to Ocho Cinco.. which doesn’t mean the number 85)

if will we ever see Ed Reed and Chris McAlister on the field together at all this season?

how Joe Flacco will react to opening game and the pressure of the real NFL?

if Marvin will bring the dogs against Flacco and try to confuse him with different looks?

how will we all react after the game if the Ravens happen to lose?

how eficient the BCPD will move traffic away from the stadium after the game?

how many Monday morning QBs will be calling the talk shows?

That’s enough wondering for the time being. Enjoy the game. GO RAVENS!!!