Ayanbadejo one of few Ravens with SB experience

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on LB Ray Lewis preaching to the team) “He preached to us earlier this year and the whole time I’ve been here, for five years, he’s always told us: ‘What’s your legacy? What are people going to say about you when you’re done?’ Now that he’s leaving you really take that into account, now that this is his last game it makes you want to start your own legacy even though my legacy is already said and done. For the young guys it is something that really designates with them and they think, ‘OK, I have to emulate and do some of the things that Ray Lewis has done so that when I leave this game I have the same esteem that he has.’”


(on caring so much about marriage equality) “Actually, I talked about that so I don’t want to keep touching on that subject, but obviously we’re here at the Super Bowl and it’s the pinnacle of sports here in the United States so I just really want to focus. A lot of media stuff has come up with Ayanbadejo this and Ayanbadejo that but I think the most important thing is that I’m here with my team. My focus is on this football game and this is the most important game I’ve ever played in my life.”


(on what prompted him to support marriage equality) “You can just read the Huffington Post, I wrote an article in the Huffington Post back in 2009 and you can read that and you’ll learn what I wrote about. I already talked about it. You can’t believe everything you read either.”


(on if media day is what he expected with the comments he’s made about marriage equality) “I’m here to play in the Super Bowl, I’m here with teammates, and I’m here with the Ravens organization. I’m going to do everything I can to make their organization shine and add to the legacy of this organization. Naturally with everything that has been going on and all of the things that have been said, I’m not surprised with the questions that have been asked.”


(on all of the media coverage of LB Ray Lewis) “It’s well-deserved. He’s such a selfless man. Everything he does is for a higher power and for the people around him. Nothing is for himself. All the attention, the people around him, and all the praise he gets, he deserves it all.”


(on S Ed Reed) “He’s definitely going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. In my opinion there are only two safeties that come up as the greatest safeties of all time, it’s him and Ronnie Lott. He’s a great player; it’s amazing that he gets to play here at the Super Bowl at home in New Orleans. With all of the tragedy and stuff that he has gone through with his brother passing away, that happened in the playoffs as well, so for him to reflect on how he felt when that happened and to be here now he’s come strides.”


(on if S Ed Reed talks about losing his brother) “It’s a private thing, but he has shown emotion and we’re there for him. We definitely have his back and if anything ever pops in my mind or I’m enjoying something or something kind of made me feel good sometimes in the offseason I would text him and say, ‘Oh you know I was thinking about you. I saw such-and-such and it reminded me of you.’ I mean the things that he does for our team and for our defense is similar to the things that Ray Lewis does, in a different manner of course, but he brings us together and makes our bond as a team and defensive unit so much better.”


(on the legends playing in this game) “There are so many stories, there are so many headlines. Like you said: Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Ed Reed, the two Harbaugh Brothers playing against each other, and just the epic 49er franchise going against the Raven franchise while we’re trying to set our own legacy and get our second championship. There are a lot of stories and how is the story going to be written? To the victor goes the spoils, so hopefully we’ll be the ones getting to write the history about it.”




Super Bowl XLVII – Tuesday, January 29, 2013







(on being back at the Super Bowl) “It’s all coming back. I was in a restaurant the other day and they were having the highlights from all the Super Bowls and then they had the 2006 Super Bowl and I was sitting there talking but while they showed the highlights for that Super Bowl I had to stop everything and just watch. I remember how it felt to not be successful. I remember how it felt to have that first kickoff returned for a touchdown by the “Windy City Flyer” (Devin Hester). It was a lot of emotions I was feeling so to be able to be back here and right that ship that went wrong in 2006; it will be an amazing experience. We’re looking forward to doing that. It’s amazing to be back. All of my Bears boys: I have you in my heart. They’re on my back right now. Part of my motivation getting that championship is them as well.”


(on why the 2006 Bears team is still so important to him) “We had such a great relationship, me and those guys. I showed up in Chicago a couple of years after Lovie (Smith) got there and the guys all took me in: (Brian) Urlacher, (Lance) Briggs, Chris Harris, Antonio Garay, Israel Idonije, Adewale Ogunleye, Peanut (Charles) Tillman, all those guys. They’re still my buddies, they’re still my boys, and I think about them big time.”


(on playing with some of the best linebackers in NFL history) “Yeah I played with (Brain) Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Junior Seau, and Zach Thomas. I played with a lot of great linebackers and I’ve been lucky to learn and see what those guys do and how they’ve been so great and so successful. It’s like I’m a fan. I just get to sit there and watch them and everybody asks, ‘What linebacker was the best? Who’s the best? Who’s better?’ And I know you’re probably getting there but I say, ‘Why do I have to choose? I’ve had them all.’”