Be careful cutting ties with Boller

September 04, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Kyle Boller’s season is over.

What about his Ravens career?

Should that come to an end as well?

Many in town – including The Sun, evidently – believe it’s time for the Ravens to completely cut ties with Kyle Boller.

Well, that’s certainly one avenue to explore. In fact, Boller himself might think that’s best for his career. Maybe the fans in Kansas City or Seattle won’t cheer in unison if he gets injured there.

But, I’ll give you three reasons why it might not be good for the Ravens to just summarily dismiss Kyle once his shoulder injury is healed.

Reason #1 – Joey Harrington
Reason #2 – Chris Simms
Reason #3 – Todd Bouman

In part due to Boller’s injury (and Troy Smith’s illness), the Ravens have been searching for a competent back-up quarterback over the last three weeks.

Guess what they found?

The cupboard is bare.

There are currently 96 QB’s in the league (assuming all 32 teams have three on their roster, which most do). If you’re not one of the best 96, what does that say for your value?

Right, not much.

Assuming that all goes well with the development of Joe Flacco, the team will need a capable #2 QB both this season and in years to come. I’m hearing from various players in the Ravens locker room that Troy Smith’s not too keen on being a #2. Not to blame him, of course, because Smith SHOULD want to start in the league. Can he? Maybe, maybe not. But you can’t blame Smith for not wanting to chase the NFL-starter dream.

If Flacco settles in here and Smith isn’t willing to be his back-up, the Ravens will be looking for a back-up against next spring/summer.

Where to turn?

Why not Boller?…as a back-up and nothing more.

I say he’s as good as any of the other unemployed rag-a-muffins that are sniffing around the unemployment line.

He was decent in the back-up role back in ’06 when Steve McNair spent most of the year healthy. Boller played in a few games and looked like a different guy than the one who stumbled and bumbled his way through the first three years of his career.

Kyle as a starter? No. Not in Baltimore, at least. We’ve been there, done that, and, we have the t-shirt.

Kyle as a back-up? Sure.

Or we could chase Joey Harrington around again next summer. Or Chris Simms. Or Todd Bouman.

After all, I’m sure they’ll be available.