Boller: Labrum tear?

August 26, 2008 | Drew Forrester

My purple notebook is filled after a Tuesday visit to Owings Mills to check in with the Ravens.

1. Kyle Boller’s season is now in jeopardy due to a shoulder injury that was described to me by a team source as “a potentially serious labrum issue…” That sounds to me to be code word for “labrum tear”, but a doctor I’m not. Still, the MRI exam Boller is going to be undergoing shortly should tell the Ravens everything they need to know.

2. One Ravens veteran said to me today he thinks the players are “sold” on Joe Flacco as a guy that can quarterback the team right now. “Not saying the other two guys can’t get the job done,” he told me. “But Joe showed us how much progress he’s made in pre-season in St. Louis and we’re buying in.”

3. Ed Reed’s status remains very much up in the air. When I asked a team official today if it’s possible Reed might not play this season, he said: “I think we’re more worried about that scenario now than we were two weeks ago. It’s just not getting any better.”

4. There’s no loss of enthusiam from the staffers in Owings Mills. Two separate long time members of the organization both predicted at least 8-win seasons today. Naturally, they both qualified their predictions with “if we’re healthy” attached to their comments.

5. If Troy Smith doesn’t play on Thursday night in the pre-season finale vs. Atlanta, Joe Flacco can grab the starting gig on September 7 with an effective outing against the Falcons. The team doesn’t want to start Flacco – in a perfect world – but they are also facing the reality that he might be their best and only option vs. the Bengals in 12 days.