Boy was I right about that ‘guess the schedule’ contest…

April 12, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Yep, I told you not ONE of you would accurately pick Games 2, 3 and 4 on the Ravens schedule that was released earlier today.

In fact, not ONE of you did get it right.  TWO of you got it right by picking the Jets at home (Game 2), Arizona at home (Game 3) and Cleveland away (Game 4).  So I had to use the tie-breaker which was, of course, “early bird gets the worm.”  First-in wins.

Alan Gambrill gets the $100 Orchard Landing gift certificate and Dennis Taylor gets an atta-boy and the famous “why didn’t you send in your selections earlier?” line.  Alan beat him by a couple of hours, in fact.

We had roughly 120 of you participate today either via telephone or internet during the Comcast Morning Show.  Thanks to all of you who got involved.  It seemed like a neat idea on “schedule release day”.

I’ll be back later on with more thoughts.  Hope they get the baseball game in tonight – good pitching match-up would go to waste if they can’t play ball this evening.