Bring on those Ravens questions!

August 29, 2008 |

Time for another segment of Ravens questions and answers. Simply submit a question and I will give you the best answer that I can.

Also, when you leave a comment, you have to pick three players for the 53-man roster. Obviously you can not duplicate someone else’s player.

Here are a couple of things that stuck out to me last night:
          Pulling Joe Flacco out of the game early last night, which was a surprise to everyone including Joe, was a sign to me that he is the guy for September 7.
          He is not going into the Hall of Fame, but you have to give Casey Bramlet credit for going in there last night. He earned respect from his new teammates last night. Casey arrived in Baltimore at around 2 a.m., slept for a couple of hours, took a physical, went to the team hotel, went to a meeting, did walk thru, took a nap, and went to the field. A couple of players told me last night that Casey knew the offense during the walk thru, he just needed to be reminded of a couple of words in the call of the offense but knew what he was doing. Again, I am not saying he is challenging for a starting job, but he left some positive impressions last night.
          The Ravens have a bunch of issues on this team, but they made some really good additions in brining in Lorenzo Neal and Brendon Ayanbadejo.
          J’Vonne Parker had a solid performance last night. J’Vonne has had a really good camp and preseason. I think he really pushed for a spot on this team last night.
          A couple of players told me last night that they are ready for Joe Flacco to be their starter. He has been impressive and won over his teammates. Flacco had a touchdown pass thrown to Demetrius Williams had Williams not got his feet tangled up with the defender.
          Last night was the first time the starting offensive line played together in the preseason and I thought had a solid showing. Coach Harbaugh deserves credit for bringing in offensive line coach John Matsko, who will not accept sub par play from these guys.
          I have a bad feeling about the other two quarterbacks. With Troy Smith going back into the hospital and being there for a “couple of days,” I wonder if this is a last ditch effort to get things fixed before taking his tonsils out. Also, Kyle may not be having surgery yet, but if I had a dollar I would bet he will at some point this season.
          The Ed Reed saga may get some light shed on it in the next week or so. I have a feeling the news will not be good as it relates to Ed Reed playing this season.
          Several people have asked about the P.U.P. (physically unable to perform) list. Once a player comes off of the list, they can not go back on it.
          With the Ravens having quarterback issues, here is a quarterback that I wonder if the Ravens wouldn’t be interested in: Joey Harrington.