Bringing Jared Gaither back makes sense for Ravens

August 06, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Next question: is he motivated? Well, I’m not inside Gaither’s brain, but how could he not be? With all of the questions surrounding him, and after failing his physical, Gaither is on the verge of becoming irrelevant very quickly in today’s NFL. Gaither needs to shape up and have a good season if he is going to continue to be employed by an NFL team.

The best situation for Gaither to up his value and get back on the free agent market is for him to come back to Baltimore. It also immensely benefits the Ravens.

What’s the risk? No other team is beating his door down. I don’t know if he’s even getting any knocks at the door. The Ravens could bring him in on a one year, minimum salary deal. If he isn’t healthy, motivated, whatever, then just cut him and start Jah Reid at RT. Isn’t that what they’re planning on doing anyway?

But the reward is so much higher than the risk. The reward is Gaither going out there for the majority of the season and proving his worth to the rest of the league. The reward is the Ravens assembling an above average offensive line at every position. The reward is not throwing a rookie offensive tackle into the fire on a Super Bowl contending team.

Sure, there are questions. There are risks. But this move wouldn’t be about the risk. It would be about reaping the benefits of a healthy, motivated Jared Gaither.

The Patriots took a risk when they traded for Randy Moss. So did the Cowboys with Terrell Owens. Mike Vick to the Eagles took some guts by the Philadelphia organization.

I’d say all of those turned out pretty well. And the risk of bringing Gaither in at this point isn’t even in the same stratosphere as those acquisitions.

The Ravens need to look into bringing Jared Gaither back to Baltimore. If Joe Flacco is going to take a step forward in his production with a worse receiving core than last season, he’s going to need to be protected above anything else. Right now, he’s been running for his life during every single practice.

Jared Gaither can help him. He can help the entire team. And the Ravens can help him, too.